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Red Lighted at Cancun Airport

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FI and I are returning from Mexico today and I wanted to share my experience at the airport for anyone concerned about getting the red light when going through customs. We got off the plane and went through immigration and they had everyone on the plane fill our a form saying if you have flu like symptons or anything which was pretty weird I mean who is going to say yes? So then after immigration you had to stop and give them the form and they had a thermometor thing that they waved in front of your forhead and took your temperature. After we got our bags you have to send them through the security scanner. Well I put my bag on there and just thought it was for our suitecases so I started walking on to the other end and the guy was telling me I needed to put my purse and other bag on the scanner thing as well but I didn't understand him, neither did my FI who speaks spanish. So once we figured out what he wanted I put my bags on there and as I was approaching the lady who checks your passport and stuff again the guy said something to her. Then I had to push the button and of course I got the red lightcensored.gif So in the confusion I put my bag on the table and FI started talking to them in Spanish. They opened my extremely stuffed bag and just put their hands on the sides and let us go! FI thinks it was because he was talking to them in Spanish but I'm not sure. So we start heading to the doors to leave and they call our names. We forgot our passports at the counter in all the confusion! So I just wanted to let you ladies know that it's not all that bad but definetely don't screw around with the people there or because the red light thing is totally rigged! And IF you do get red lighted definetely DON"T forget to grab your passport!


We were traveling to see FI family so we rented a car and when you pass through two states you have to push another button and if you get red lighted they stop you. Well guess what it was our red light day...So we get the red light, pulled over to talk to the guy. FI of course talks to him in Spanish and within 1 minute we were on our way to pay the toll and keep going. He didnt even look at anything in our car!


Sorry it's so long. I just wanted to tell you ladies about my Cancun red light experience.

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