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Cayo Levantado GBP

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Hi there,

I'm going to get married in July 09 on Cayo Levantado.Is there anyone ever been there, going to or heard about getting marriedthere.

I spend so many times in the internet seaching for informations about a wedding over there, but found nothing, except a few pictures form the beach but nothing about a real wedding...

Even the weddingplanner did not send me pictures :-(


Is there anyone out there who can help me?



PS I'm sorry, that my english is not the best....

but I'm from Germany.....

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Guten Tag, Susanne - Your English is much better than my German.....hehe

Although I don't have pictures of Samana, since I'm in Cabarete, I know it is very beautiful there.

We wish you all the best with your wedding there......you are sure to have a wonderful time and place! All the best

from Lynda (my husband calls me "liebchen" haha)

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