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LF: white french cuff shirt w/o pocket...HELP

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Hi Girls...


We're trying to find FI's shirt and are having trouble because he's a little picky...


We want a white, or white with tonal stripes, french cuff long sleeve shirt, but without a pocket! Having the hardest time finding this...


We found one but it was white and was $75...it was a little expensive and wasn't quite perfect...I'd prefer the white on white stripe to dress it up a little...


Any help you can offer is much appreciated! I know there are some fabulous girls on here who know how to search....




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I've seen French cuff shirts in white with a white on white stripe at Mexx, I am pretty sure it was without a pocket but I cannot recall at the moment. The price was definitely less than $75, I think it goes for about $50CDN.

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