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Engagement Party Host Gifts?

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Hi all! :0)


An engagement party is being held for us at the beginning of June, and I am already anxious about what to get the hosts as gifts (buying presents always causes me angst!) Our 2 best men, my maid of honour, and my parents are all "hosts," and the rest of the wedding party will be helping out, I believe. I'm looking for something creative but inexpensive (I'll probably splurge more for the actual wedding party gifts to be given at the rehearsal). I've read about spa certificates but that's not really my Mom's "thing," same goes for wine, and since Mother's Day is coming up and I'll be getting her flowers for that, I don't want to do flowers again a month later. I'll probably just send thank you cards to the rest of the groomsmen/bridesmaids, party, but if anyone has any ideas to share for gifts for the 5 hosts, it would be greatly appreciated.


Thanks in advance!



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