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Spending money for ROR

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Hey all,


My partner and I are going to ROR in June 09 for 2 weeks, getting married 1 wk after we arrive, Just wondering how much spending money on average everyone else spent? Just a ball park figure?


We want to do Dunn's River for sure and perhaps Bob Marley or another trip too!

We dont usually go All Inclusive so didnt really know how much to budget for!


Thanks xxx

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Hi there,


Check out FIRST CHOICE TOUR JAMAICA on the web the owner, Curtis, has come highly recommended on trip advisor as someone to book day trips through, for quality, reliability and price. His site will give you and idea of what the costs are for the actual day trip portion. He is much cheaper than alot of the other companies.


You can even email him and ask him about trips that you want to do, but may not be on his website, he will email you back and he is very accomodating!


I am not sure if you have been to Jamaica before? I will assume that you haven't, and I will advise you as if that is the case.


The other item you want to consider is if you are going to tip (you will soon discover that this is pretty much expected). If you are, you need to take small US bills, as you will not be able to break them in jamaica! This can be pretty frustrating if you are not prepared for that.


I am getting ones and fives from the bank, little by little, so that I don't have to get it all too close to the trip when I m paying for other things! Typically I will leave a few dollars for housekeeping, a few dollars at meals, and occasionally at the bar. If you take any taxis or trips then the guides and drivers will "expect" a tip as well, and watch for the men in the aiport that offer to help you with your suitcase, they will also expect a tip!


Tipping is obviously not mandatory, but you will notice that the majority of people do tip. Jamaicans are paid very low wages, and often the tips they make are considerably higher than their wages. A few dollars go a LONG way!


Souveniers are pretty reasonable, especially if you barter, and in Jamaica they expect you to barter! NEVER pay what they say is the price of an item in any of the markets, because they will accept a lot less! They enjoy the whole bartering piece so do not feel shy to barter and save yourself a few dollars!


I find that I do not spend too much at an all inclusive, and especially not in Jamaica. Really everything is provided at the resort other than day trips, and extras that you choose to buy for yourself.


Make sure that you take anything with you that is "touristy" ie sunscreen, chewing gum, snacks, waterproof camera, over the counter medecine, etc etc as that type of stuff is really expensive. Better to take it with you!


Hope that was helpful, and not too much info.


Good luck, you will love Jamaica. The country is beautiful, and the people are amazing! I cannot wait to go back.

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We took 350 each. We used it all too ...did the dunns river falls and a sunset catamaran.

We tipped the staff fairly well too and added some extra pictures for our wedding cd.

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