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CRAFTS : Wedding : Elegant Petal Cone and Favor Box : DIY Network


Petal Cone


Self-healing cutting mat



¼" wide satin ribbon


1/8" diameter single hole punch

Anna Griffin decorative paper (12" x 12")

Double-sided adhesive tape

Sticker paper

Craft knife

Clear rubber stamp

Gold stamping ink

Laser printer

Petal fillings – rose petals, lavender, candy-covered almonds

  1. Print petal cone template onto blank side of decorate 12" x 12" paper; alternately, 8-1/2" x 11" paper can be used.
  2. Cut along solid lines of template using a craft knife or scissors. Next, use stylus to score the dotted lines. Use a ruler as a guide.
  3. Use 1/8" single hole punch to punch two holes as indicated on pattern. Thread ribbon through holes and knot both ends on the plain side of paper.
  4. Apply double-sided adhesive tape on dotted lines, then fold the 90-degree corner of the paper towards the dotted line. Do not crease folded edge of paper.
  5. Roll the paper twice until the roll meets the vertical dotted line.
  6. Fold remaining flap of paper around the cone and press lightly to seal the adhesive.
  7. Print the gold circle template onto sticker paper. Ink personalized monogrammed rubber stamp with gold stamping ink and press into the center of the circles.
  8. Peel stamped sticker from paper and adhere to the cone. Fill cone with your choice of rose petals, lavender or candy-covered almonds. Fold the top flaps over to seal.
  9. Hang the cones on the back of each guest's chair. Click the image to open in full size. Petit Fours Favor BoxMaterials:

    Favor Box template

    Double-sided adhesive


    Craft knife

    Self-healing cutting mat

    Ivory cardstock

    ¼" wide satin ribbon

    Anna Griffin decorative paper (8 ½" x 11")


    Green stamping ink

    Clear rubber stamp

    1. Print cake favor box template onto the white side of 8-1/2" x 11" decorative paper.
    2. Use stylus to score the dotted lines; then, use craft knife to cut along solid lines.
    3. Fold all edges up to crease and make them easier to fold.
    4. Apply double-side adhesive on template as indicated. Fold up small flaps to adhere the sides of box.
    5. Place a petit four or small piece of wedding cake into the box. Close the lid and tie a satin ribbon around the box and finish with a tied bow.
    6. Print box tag template onto ivory cardstock.
    7. Ink personalized monogrammed rubber stamp with green stamping ink and firmly press the stamp into the center of each of the boxes on the box tag template.
    8. Cut box tag and tuck the finished tag underneath satin bow atop box.

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