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  1. The weather was hot. It was 85 or better everyday we were there. But it definitely felt way hotter and humid than that!
  2. @alwaters625 That was my major concern as well coming down there. But I thought my wedding coordinator did an excellent job!! I think when I had that meeting with her and showed her everything I wanted she delivered that and so much more!! When you are dealing with the coordinators through email, you do feel rushed but once you get down there they make you feel more at ease!
  3. @@Drnelly910 I will try to post my pics soon. And also we used the white fabric to decorate the gazebo. I wanted everything for the ceremony to be white. The ceremony lasted about 20-25 minutes, but we also used Pastor Mark and he did an amazing job. We did pics right after ceremony. We took group pics and family pics. Since we had such a large group we tok a lot of photos. We technically didn't have an official cocktail hour. We chose the moments package and added the reception on seperately. But there was a bar setup right near our wedding that our guests jut used as we were taking pics. We did not have a welcome dinner! We just met in the lobby bar and made reservations for dinner together. But if you have a big party they make you choose a set menu. I hope this helps!! @@Katielynn90 I initially had the highest package booked. But we switched to the moments package and added a sit down dinner reception at the relaxing pool. They charged me 10 a person over 50 ppl I believe.
  4. @alwaters625 There wasn't a big difference to between preferred and the regular rooms.You can enter the preferred restaurants and bar as long as someone in your party has preferred club status. They also offer free wifi but that's only on one device and the wifi didn't work all that well in the rooms. Its limited to 15 hours a day and that might seem to be a lot, but if you forget to logout the time keeps running. We chose the silver menu we had the beef and salmon topped with shrimp. We basically did half beef and half salmon for our guests. The beef wasnt bad but it was extremely small. The fish and shrimp was good but it definitely wasn't salmon. The appetizers we chose were not good, i believe it was the dominican appetizers. The dessert we chose was tres leche and it was delicious and so was the wedding cake. @@Cwright Thanks!! Even though it was so humid, I still don't think I would have changed the location. It was so beautiful and nice!! The ambiance of the pool and lighting was all the decor that you needed it. I did go to Castways but it was mostly during breakfast. I dont really remember if it was cooler. But it would make sense that it would be since its closer to the ocean and its covered. I guess it really depends on the time of day, as well.
  5. @@MrandMrsBonitto2016 For the most part everything turned out great!! We had a little situation with the room situation (preferred vs regular). I had Yeomandry for a wedding coordinator and she did everything perfectly!! She was great to work with. I showed her how I wanted everything set up and she delivered. We also used WBA and my pics and video turned out great. I wish I would've gotten the photographer during the reception because the groom and about 30 of our guests jumped in the pool at the end of the reception. Our wedding was on the beach at 4 pm and it was perfect. We had a nice breeze from the ocean. Our reception was a little muggy by the pool, hence why everyone wanted to jump in the pool by the end of the night. I also used Dj Mannia for my dj services and I have to say I was a little disappointed. He didn't have any up to date music but what we used for the bridal party entrance and songs for the dances. And even when he tried to google some songs the internet wasn't working properly. At some point we just used the music off of our guests phone and just told him to play off their playlist for the remainder of the night. I almost feel like I should've either went with the resort DJ or rented the sound system. But nevertheless, we still enjoyed ourselves.
  6. Hey ladies, I'm back from our wedding/honeymoon! If you have any questions let me know?
  7. @alwaters625 I reserved the bridal suite for four hours and planned on letting them do my make up. But my sister is actually going to to my hair.
  8. @MrandMrsBonitto I'm taking my centerpieces, welcome bags, table runners, chair sashes, basically everything for the reception. I started packing yesterday and I'll probably end up with 3 suitcases when its all said and done!!
  9. @@MrandMrsBonitto2016 I'm really excited!! Just trying to put together all the things that I'm bringing down with me now. I think that's the hardest part of it all. So I said this weekend I was going to start packing, just so I wont leave anything behind!!
  10. @@duchovny0901 Your pics are amazing!! You looked absolutely stunning!! I see that you said that you got your centerpieces through the resort were they expensive. I'm not sure what I want to do as far as centerpieces, since I'm already bring so much stuff down with me already.
  11. @@duchovny0901 Welcome back!!! How was your wedding overall? Do you have any words of advice and any other things you can recommend?
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