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Veil options for Dreams Cancun...

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    Posted 06 May 2009 - 02:21 AM

    i am so terrified that i too will have hurricane force winds on my day, lol! i had been very anti-veil but i really feel so much more like a bride with one on. i didn't want to spend big bucks on one, in case i didn't end up able to wear it. my sister is making one for me now, so i hope i can wear it at least for a few pics (that's my photographer in this thread saying we should wear them, lol!).

    i really want to wear my hair half up, half down too. i've seen some girls get away with it beautifully, but i'm afraid i won't luck out like that. i guess i should find an updo i like just in case, huh?

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      Posted 07 May 2009 - 11:13 AM

      This can sooo easily be solved... especially if you want your hair 1/2 up 1/2 down.

      By the looks of it you have a 'full' head of hair lol... Same as me.. so here is what I did...

      p.s. I didnt want a veil.. my mom wanted me to have one...

      1. Don't get a big veil.... if it is breezy... the big the veil, the more it will pull in the wind. Mine came to just mid back, it was perfect.

      2. Buy a used veil. There are lots of girls who are selling wedding dresses.. and veils too... I bought mine for... $20, but i think she paid $200. If you REALLY don't want a veil... the details of it really don't matter... cheap out, make not wearing it (if it comes to that) easier

      3. I wore my hair basically in a ponytail, with the bottom 1/3 of my hair down. And I tucked it under the ponytail, because my hair is so thick, I could VERY easily remove it or add it back in for pics. (YOU MUST KNOW HOW TO PUT IN THE COMB... so it'll stay)

      My AHR, my hair was down, but the sides pulled back in a clip with lots of curls down. My hairdresser put in a frenchbraid (sidewys, about an inch wide) so that the comb could be anchored, right under the clip, completely out of sight. Worked like a charm!

      Now these options work if you don't want the veil to cover your face. I was unsure of having the veil over my face in the wind with makeup on, last thing I wanted was to get makeup on the veil from the wind pushing it in my face.

      No worries about 1/2 up 1/2 down.. it's sooo easy leave some long hair in the front out... put the majority up in a pony tail (why get complicated with a million bobbypins) then pin back the hair you left out to soften the look around your face and the pulled back ponytail. If you going curly.. then leave out some in the back and ensure you give maximum length but soft curl.. cause we all want out hair to look as long as possible don't we?? tee hee

      Check out my pic, if you want better pics or ideas, pm me with your email and I will send you pics

      good luck!

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