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El Dorado Seaside Suites, Mayan Riviera - Wedding Photos!

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Hi Britt, we got them at a flea-market type store in Chinatown, I think they were like $2-$5 and then we wrapped Raffia around the handle, and attached the little card... :) hope that helps



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I adorde your pictures. I am also considering a wedding at the El-Dorado Seaside Suites. And those pictures have me convinced at 90%. I was hoping you could post, or PM the information you have regarding prices/pictures for cakes, flowers, and decorations.

It would be a GINORMOUS help.


Thank you!

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I was looking at your centerpieces online and they are great - did the resort charge you for bringing the vellum pictures? Did you buy the palm leaf through them?


Also - how was the lighting for dinner - it looks pretty dark in some photos and in others it looks like you would be able to see what you are eating.


Thanks again for posting - your pictures are amazing and we look at them everytime we are working on the wedding.


Sol is AMAZING....just too bad she doesn't book EDSS anymore. That's the only thing I hate about this resort right now - their rules on photographers seems to suit them at the cost of the photographers and those getting married. Sigh....


Originally Posted by patrickaya View Post
A lot of people are asking us about the picture frame centre peices...

We bought cheap picture frames from IKEA, and primed/painted them white.. (you can probablynbuy white frames, but we bought like 60 frames, so it can get expensive!) Then we hinged them together with fabric tape (make sure you use a good adhessive.. the moisture/heat down there made some of them come unglued).


Only use 2 hinges, that way you can pack them flat... we pretty much needed a whole extra carry-on to ship them all down though... down send them through checked luggage, they'd get destoyed!


We just printed B&W photos on vellum.. make sure your printer can print on vellum, we had issues getting the right settings, but in the end it worked!


good luck!

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Hi SoonToBe, the resort did charge us through the florist for the leaves. I can't remember how much they charged, but I don't think it was very much.


They didn't charge us to bring the photo centrepieces, but you should confirm everything you want to bring beforehand with the coordinator, to make sure that they will let you do it.


I didn't know that they are enforcing the no outside photographers rule... they almost tried to enforce that with us, but they never mentioned it until after we had already booked everything, so they let us go through with it. Maybe now they state it more clearly on their website.. at the time it wasn't mentioned anywhere...


Good luck!

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