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Has anyone used any online translation services to get their documents translated?


I just posted my marriage certificate translation on Translators, Translation Services, Translation Jobs - Translatorsbase.com and had about 15 bids, in the span of a day, from freelance translators. The process so far has been really easy. I have selected my translator and am going to send her my documents today, I should have my translations shipped to me in a week for only $35 US (for the long form marriage certificate and the short form certificate, including all certifications and shipping).


To post my translation I just completed a project request form on the Translators Base website that outlined the services I required and included some other details they would need to translate my documents. From there I received bids via email and could filter through these bids by awarding business, declining business and corresponding with vendors to get more information. It was really well structured and pretty easy to use. In 24 hours I have found my translator, sent her documents and she says they'll be ready in a day. Not bad for 24 hours!


I was interested to hear how others have translated and want to hear if anyone has any success with online translation services. I think (hope) that the translator I have selected is good. She seems great so far : )

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Hi Soontobe


Not sure if you'll get a chance to read this soon but..

I'm getting married at El Dorado Seaside and am thinking of getting my wedding docs translated the way you did to save some $.


Just wondering how the process ended? Did you get everything you required for only $35 in the end? No funny "catches" along the way?





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To anyone in Ontario who is considering using the translatorsbase.com:


I spent $70 and there was no problem in the service. However, when I went to the Ministry of Transportation to have my name on my Drivers Licence changed, they said that the marriage certificate must be approved by a translator that is a member of the Association of Translators 1-800-234-5030 www.atio.on.ca


So, bye bye $70...


At least I didn't spend money to have it translated in Mexico. Surely the translator down there wouldn't be a member of this Association of Translators.


Why does the government have to make these things so difficult?

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