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Wedding Site Suggestions

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I would first like to say how very helpful this site has been to me. I am actually not the bride, but my sister has left all of her destination wedding planning in my hands. You have all been a godsend in helping me try to plan this wedding.


We currently have reservations at the Great Parnassus, but I'm having trouble with the wedding coordinator returning my emails. She was great until I asked her to coordinate a private reception instead of a dinner reservation & now she just won't answer ANY of my emails. My thought is to start looking for other sites for the wedding/reception. We would like to keep our hotel reservations at the Great Parnassus though b/c we are already booked & paid. So, does anyone have any suggestions for sites (where you don't have to be a guest of the hotel) where we could have the wedding/reception for about 30 people (must allow children.)


Any help would be greatly appreciated!!!!

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