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What information should I put on them???

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I have started to desgin my boarding pass invitations but I am not sure what information I should put on them?? If anyone could please help me out with this I would greatly appreciated it.


I know I need our names date of wedding etc but not sure what else should be there or what I can put on them


Thanks :)

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Have you tried taking a peak at what others have created? There are SO many samples out there to check out. search for "the boarding pass thread", it has every boarding pass that has been posted to the forum.


And please, use the search function, this is the 2nd or 3rd thread that I saw from you today that has already been highly discussed. Once you search and have specific questions, feel free to post away! We are all very happy to help anyone who is putting out any effort. Happy planning!


I am closing this thread.

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