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Which clutch for the wedding day?

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I like #1 the best overall, but don't really like it for a bride. I think the print is fun, but the print and fabric are not nearly as elegant as the gown. Also, I am usually a fan of using a handbag as a conversation piece or adding pop to an outfit, but I don't know that that is a good thing in the case of a wedding. People's eyes will naturally divert from your beautiful and expensive dress to the 20.00 clutch you are carrying because of the stark colors in contrast to your white gown. I love the bag for a night out on the islands, but not the big day.


#2 looks like it will just be a beanbag sack in your hands, so it will be all squishy. I think a better look for a bride is something with a little more structure. And it's handmade beaded look doesn't go well with the detailing of your dress which is much more precision and ornate.


#3 just not a big fan of feathers on a bag. Also, is the body silver? Snake?


#4 is nice, but the color looks completely wrong, ivory.


Just my opinions though, ymmv wink.gif

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You ladies are awesome! Giving me lots to think about. I guess you will see which one i choose in my planning thread. (I still have 3 months though!) Thanks so much for the input.

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