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Curves....how is it working for you

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Originally Posted by Jenn3878 View Post
Thank you :)

Are you on the cardio or the fit and trim? I was on fit and trim and they just now changed me to cardio - I think its the same just you "warmup" and "cool down" on 5 machines now instead of 3.....the calories burned are less for sure - before I was burning 700+ calories and now I am burning 400+ sad.gif

Thanks, probably in total I have lost about 55lbs in the past couple of years and my dr told me thats probably why I got pregnant LOL.....Diet wise, I took out all whites (white bread, pasta, potatoes & white rice) and replaced with (whole grain bread, whole wheat pasta & brown rice), instead of whole eggs I only eat egg whites. I didnt go crazy but it worked, just stick to it and you will do great! Let me know if you have any questions :) GOOD LUCK!
I think I am on the fir and trim. i warm up and cool down on 3 machines. Wow 700 calories...that is phenomenal. I am lucky if I hit 400. That is a good idea about diet. I love all things carbs. LOL, so maybe if I cut that out I willl see some results. Thanks for the feedback.

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Hey ladies!


I have a 30-day trial membership to Curves, and am going to start it next week.


I am currently doing a Boot Camp 2x a week that is hyper-intensive, but I am not seeing any weight loss results, or even clothes fitting better results - even though I am seeing nice muscle tone.


So, I am hoping that adding Curves for 3x a week (or more) my help jump start some weight loss.


I lift weights with my Boot Camp ... so I am wondering if the Curves machines will be enough for me. I want to make sure I break a sweat and work out HARD.


So, just bringing this thread back to life to see if anyone else sees good results from Curves!


(a lot of my weight gain I am attributing to being on Clomid for the past 4 months. I've put on about 20-pounds since startin the Clomid ... although I've been doing the Boot Camp since February as well...)

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