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cocktail party @ RIU Negril

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has anyone ever done a cocktail party at the RIU Negril? we're thinking of having one, but don't really know the logistics. how much will it cost...what's included...will appetizers be flowing for the 4 hour time period we want?


i've asked the WC, but she's so busy she takes a while to get back to you. the only thing i got from her was that we would pay $15 per person for the Hor o'douvers and $150 per hour which includes an open bar and DJ. i just don;t know if the $15 is also per hour. if it's per hour per person, that's more expensive than a sit down dinner which averages to $45 per person.


if anyone has some insight....please pass along the information!! i'd really like to know soon and before we head out to Jamaica!!!



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