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When do I give the OOT bags???

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Well I finally finished my oot bags, (smile36.gif thank god)

In my bags are:


- Personelized travel books printed bij Vistaprint

- Selfmade tickets

- Luggage tags ( I also made myself)

- Some candy and gum

- Games(Puzzle books, cards, yahtzee etc.)

- pens

- Air bags for hanging in the closed at the hotel

- Pashmina's

- Traveling pilows

- Holiday cards ( selfmade and printed by Vistaprint)

- Labello ( for the lips)


The bag itself is a inflatable beachbag, No air and you have a bag.

With air its a pillow :-) For the ladies I ordere white ones, and for the Gentlemens I ordered blue ones.


Ok here it comes. We invited a select group of people to join our wedding.

Since we are paying the whole trip for everybode, we thought it would be fun to keep the location a suprise. So Nobody knows where they are goin in 2 months, only that it is sunny, and they have to pack for a week!!


I was thinking to give the bags at the airport. Because when we give the bags, they get to see where they are going since I put travel books in the bags, with the destination. We really want to keep the surprise untill the last moment. But Do you think they want to carry the bag with them for the whole trip? I thought about giving them the evening before we leave, but I dont know how to get the whole group together that night. Everybodys is packing and getting ready for the trip... hmmm what to do....


Fact is, that I also have to carry all thes bags with me to the airport.

Emagin this: Bridezilla arriving all stressed, at the airport, with AHUM..

3 suitcases, 2 travel trollys, a large handbag, and then the ootbags..

Gosh...I dont think I can do this... Guys You GOT to help me... smile105.gif

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I would give them to them at the airport and that will give everyone something to look at during the flight. They'll know the destination when they check in anyway. It wouldn't be hard for someone to drop you off at the curb and help you bring in all the bags just inside the terminal; you could have everyone meet there and so you wouldn't have to carry them around.

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The bags sound really cool, do you have pics of them? I really want to see what the inflatable bags look like :) That is sooo cool that the guests don't know where they are going! You are very sneaky! It would be a fun surprise to give the bags at the airport but you are right it may be too hard on you, so why don't you have a little bon voyage get together at your place the night before and tell them there will be a surprise for them to pack away.

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