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Post dinner reception

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I had a larger group (32) and just went to the show followed by the disco at 11pm. It worked out great as our dinner ended up going a little longer than we had planned so we only had about an hour and half to kill before disco opened.

We filled the time easily by mingling and having some drinks. I even had the opportunity to chat with one of the other brides who got married that day (jess..who was great) for a bit about her day.

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Hey! I just read this post...I'm getting married the same day as you!! And I'm the one who booked the poolside reception - Sorry! :) I have about 60 people coming so we're doing the dinner and everything out by the pool. But I've also heard great things about the Seagrape. I read on another post that it's $15 per person to get a mini reception set up after your dinner (includes table set up and decor and a bartender). I'm sure I'll see you around the resort! We'll be the crazy Canadians!! We have a few drinkers in our group so things might get a bit rowdy so I have to apologize in advance! I can't believe how soon it is!! I'm FREAKING out...so much left to do!


Originally Posted by kitty_kat_uk View Post
Hi Ladies


I've been on these forums a while now, and your help has been invaluable so far!


I'm getting really confused as to what we can do after our meal on our wedding day. I know there's lots I can search for but I thought if I lay out what I've got so far someone could help?



1 there'll be 16 of us (at the Riu Ocho Rios).

2 We're having our meal at the mammee bay at 6:30.

3 Its a Wednesday.

4 The poolside reception is already booked


What other options are there. I kind of know about Seagrape and Plantation, but which one is the better optoin for a small party. WOuld the Dunns River bar or Bob Marley bar assign some tables/chairs and could you use your own Ipod there etc.


I'm in such a tizz as its not far away now. doh.gif


YOur help is very much gratefully received!!

Claire x

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Sorry for the late reply! Things have been busy with the planning!! I'm having my ceremony off the resort at 3:30 and then heading back for the reception. How is all the planning going for you?? Can't believe it's 3 weeks away!!! ahhh

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