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Moon Dance Cliffs

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#201 taovandel

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    Posted 03 March 2009 - 11:34 PM

    I'm about 90% sure I'm doing the rehearsal dinner at Glistening Waters.

    It's a restaurant about 1 1/2 hours away from the resort (that's the only negative I could find so far) But they offer transportation.

    They serve a huge range of food and it's right on a marina.

    The best part is---they offer boat rides out to the Luminous Lagoon. Have you guys looked at that? It looks so amazing! Check out the glisteningwaters.com website for more info on the lagoon with pictures .

    Food ranges from like $6.00 for a hamburger to $34 for a seafood platter. So I think it's very reasonably priced. The transport and boat ride are about $40.00 per person and you get 1 free rum (or virgin) punch on the boat ride. So woohoo!

    Even if every guest eats the most expensive item on the menu it's still cheaper then eating at the resort (and there is no way that everyone would eat the seafood platter).

    #202 lynnmb1021

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      Posted 04 March 2009 - 09:01 AM

      Claudette- Sorry for the delayed response to your checklist... have you taken care of mailing in your documents for the wedding i.e. birth certificate, etc? And don't forget passports for you and your guests! That's all I can think of at the moment :)

      Have you or any of the other ladies found out if we can mix and match from the different buffet menus?

      Taovandel- Glistening Waters sounds fun. Are you doing a rehearsal dinner for just the wedding party or are you inviting everyone as a welcome party too?

      #203 lynnmb1021

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        Posted 04 March 2009 - 09:02 AM

        Mastistyle.. when is your wedding?

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        #204 rydm

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          Posted 04 March 2009 - 01:25 PM

          big3n09 - yeah....my worry is if I don't find what I like....I just need to do more research and see if this is all worth it.

          Claudette - Thanks so much for Noel's contact info. I emailed him....I hope he's available on my date. Did he send you samples of his work or maybe his Web site? I searched for his Web site on Google but I couldn't find it.
          Your centerpieces would look really beautiful. I can just imagine it :-). For the candles, you might wanna consider the ones in glasses. That would help with the wind.

          Taovandel - I checked out Glistening Waters' Web site and it looks sooo beautiful!! I'm sure you all will have a lot of fun.

          Have any of you considered hiring a band (Front Page Band)? If so, do you by any chance have their contact info? I wanted to talk to them directly but my planner is not giving me their contact info :-(. I asked her twice but she just wants me to let her know if I wanna go with them.

          #205 Mastistyle

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            Posted 04 March 2009 - 04:40 PM

            Hi ladies-I am swamped at work and I am behind on the posts. So I am playing catch up-and besides, this is so much better than working right now!

            big3n09-did COurtney visit MDC? What did he think?

            Claudette-what a wonderful way to honor your FI's family having a ceremony at the church. And the fact that it will be initmate and small-it won't be alot of work.

            I was making a list of things for you-but the girls covered most of it.
            1. Have you decided how you wated your hair?
            2. Shoes for ceremoney and reception? (I may be cheesing it-but I want to add some bling to the bottom of my heels. Like the date, or FI/my initials on, or some thing funny...)
            3. Are you doing hair and makeup yourself-or the spa at MDC? If using MDC, then don't forget to make an appointment.
            4. Do you have your jewlery and veil?
            5. Are there certain pictures you want the photographer to take?
            6. Are you doing photoshare cards?
            7. buy stamps for the invites

            Centerpieces-I wanted to bring my own for decorations-only bc I want some indian things adapted into the decor. But at the same time-everyone keeps telling me how much of a hassle it would be to make sure everything gets there...

            Lynnmb1021-my weddig date is 11/20/09...

            OOT bags are such a nice touch for the guests. I don't want to lug everything down there-so I think I may do something more local-rum cake, curry packets, coffee, cigars etc etc and then attach a note with it in a bag. I would love to do tote bags-but they are expensive. So, I was thinking of using those regular gift bags (the simple ones you can get 4 for a $1) and then putting a wine label size sticker on the bags. I will have to take a picture of what I am talking about and then post it to get your opinions.

            #206 claudette

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              Posted 04 March 2009 - 05:58 PM

              Hello ladies! Thanks again for all of the information and reminders! :)

              Taovandel, Glistening Waters looks BEAUTIFUL! I showed it to my FI and we will definitely be visiting there during our honeymoon! We're about 90% sure we're doing the rehearsal dinner at the new restaurant that Rockhouse has called Pushcart - you can find information about it here: eat | Rockhouse Hotel

              I think we're just going to go ahead and invite everyone who's there by that time - we'll see how it goes as it gets closer. I have to say that with the economy the way it is, people who originally were planning on coming are now saying they just can't make it It's sad, but it will still be fun and intimate! The one I'm really bummed about is one of my bridesmaids...she's really trying but just isn't sure and I need to know since she would have to order her dress soon! Anywho, I digress! :)

              Lynnmb1021 - I emailed the documents to Kerry...she hasn't told me anything about mailing them in, so I assume email is okay for now - that's a good question though for me to ask Kerry.

              rydm - I'm sure Noel will get in touch with you shortly - he emailed me a sample but it was an apple application and didn't play that well for me. If you send me your email, I can forward you his email to me. I think he's still in the process of making a website...I'm mainly putting blind trust in Brian who recommended him to me!

              Mastistyle -

              Aw! I love your shoe idea! Very cute! I actually still do need to buy shoes - and probably break them in too! :)

              As a present to my bridesmaids, I'm giving them jewelry sandals - I'm sure you've seen them, but if not it looks like this: Beach Bride Jewelry - Laguna Beach Beach Wedding Barefoot Sandals
              A friend from work is actually making them for me, so much cheaper! They're not going to wear them at the ceremony because they all are relatively short and want to be in heels, but I thought it was a cute gift for them!

              I still need to think about jewelry for me and I will be doing hair and make-up at the spa -I already spoke to Kerry about this and she told me reservations would not be a problem! Yay!

              I do have my veil; I'm doing my hair half-up half-down (still need to find a picture); and luckily Brian and I are on the same page for photography...I'm more excited about the TTD session - you can check his work out here: Jamaica Wedding Photography by Brian Nejedly. (click on Kelly and Jonas) - Brian told me we'll do the TTD shoot in the same place! :)

              Oh and rydm: I am doing a DJ, but Jennifer on this forum had Front Page Band - maybe she knows their contact info?

              Mastistyle - I love you gift bag idea! Very clever!

              #207 lynnmb1021

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                Posted 04 March 2009 - 10:32 PM

                Everyone has such great ideas! Hopefully, I'll have more ideas to contribute as my wedding gets closer :)

                Mastistyle..I too love your idea for the out of town bags!

                I have a question about communicating with the wedding coordinators.. I was told in our welcome letter from Miriam that Linus was our wedding coordinator but when I emailed him a question about booking a photographer, he emailed me back but Kerry also emailed me that she would be doing all of the communicating.. I'm not sure what this means! I don't know who to email when I have questions. Has anyone else dealt with this?

                #208 Mastistyle

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                  Posted 04 March 2009 - 11:08 PM

                  Lynnmb1021-I guess that is the way MDC handles it. Kerry is the person who you will be emailing back and forth with, and Linus is the head person, so I am assuming he would handle everything once you are there. I thought the exact same thing!

                  #209 taovandel

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                    Posted 05 March 2009 - 01:40 AM

                    It will be a combo rehearsal/Welcome dinner I guess.

                    I'm a bit worried that I'll be rushed my first day there---We arrive in Mo Bay around 11ish--get to the resort around 1:30ish.

                    I wonder how much time I'll have to meet with Kerry/Linus and do the rehearsal. Then head out for dinner. We are only in Jamaica from October 28-31st...we wanted to get married after 24 hours so we could have time to enjoy the place instead of being stressed out with the wedding. Now I'm wondering if I should push it back a day...what do you ladies think? Do you think everything will be fine with just a few hours between when we arrive and the rehearsal starts?

                    I was hoping the email contact would get better when the date is closer so pretty much everything would be in place. And it would just be a matter of knowing where to enter and where to stand---ya know?

                    #210 claudette

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                      Posted 05 March 2009 - 11:50 AM

                      Lynnmb1021 - I agree with Mastistyle - the same thing happened to all of us; we were told Linus was our coordinator and yet we were in contact with Kerry. I think the day of Linus is there heading it up - at least that's my impression!

                      Taovandel - I think it's up to you - I do think that everything will already be in place but it's all about your level of stress. I am arriving on Thursday and getting married on Saturday because I know my level of stress! I truly believe everything will be fine with just a few hour between your arrival and the rehearsal, and it might actually be better to have less time because then there's less time to worry! I also don't think the rehearsal will be a big deal at all! Let us know what you decide! I think you will be fine either way! :)

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