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No Invitations for Bridal Party?

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One of my closest friends actually told me the same thing when I was in her wedding. Now she had 13 BM's, so perhaps she was trying to save some money there, but I thought it was odd too. I think everyone should get an invite.

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Originally Posted by foxytv View Post
Very bizarre. The bridal party should definitely get an invite. Has she been keeping you up to date on activities, locations and times?

I had several guests tell me it was ok not to send them an invite (BM's and guests) to save $$ but I sent them anyway.

I hope she didn't follow this mis-guided rule of thumb for anything else in her wedding, lol.
Unfortunately, I think she is. I knew she was getting married early last year. She told me it was going to be May or something and she wanted me to be in wedding. I never heard anything back from her. Like August I talked to her and told her I was getting married and we were going to have a DW in October '09. She said she didn't know when she was getting married. Then she calls me in like October to tell me she's getting married in February and could I be in her wedding and she found the dress for us and we had to order it immediately because it took weeks to come back. I told her yes then FI and I talked about it. We were supposed to put our deposit on the resort the next week and I didn't think I could squeeze that extra money out at that time. So I told her I couldn't do it (I know I shouldn't have told her yes in the first place but I told her no within a week). She put me through a guilt trip and Eric and I decided to push our wedding back anyway because of other situations so I told her yes. Since then I have really been regretting it.

She is very disorganized. I call and ask her if she needs help. She sometimes responds but it's never yes. She seems to be so indecisive about things. Now she hasn't told me what shoes we are wearing, I don't think she even knows. Don't you think it's weird that all us bridesmaids haven't met yet? I have been sending her many ideas about centerpieces and decorations and other things. I have even asked the girls on here some questions for her. I just don't know. I know I'm rambling but I'm a little frustrated.
She has always been someone who you can't depend on but she's always been my good friend. One example of her is like two years after we graduated high school we were supposed to go on a road trip, she went so far as to tell me she was on her way to meet me at my house and never showed up. Another time when I was having a baby shower for my son, my mom was on the phone giving her directions from 5 minutes away and she said she was on her way then and never showed up. My other group of friends don't even know why I deal with her. I kinda feel bad that I haven't asked her to be in my wedding but I can't depend on her to come to my baby shower let alone my DW in Cancun!!blah.gif

I don't know, there's a part of my that says she's not even getting married. That's fine if she doesn't but stay tuned because you will be seeing us on Judge Judy so I can get my money back for my dress!blah.gifblah.gif

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