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Envelopments Envelop Printing Help Please!

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It worked! Thank you so much! I have been offline for a few days assembling (15 hours of assembly with mom and I on the invites...will post a thread tonight)! Thanks fo your help!


I had an issue with printing as no one would print the envelops in small quantity or wouldn't do evelops at all. So I had to mix it up so the print doesn't match but at this point...oh well.


I printed the invite pages/seal at Kinko's which was only $40 and the colors matched my Pantones perfectly. As they couldn't do envelops, I printed my RSVP ones at home (one by one or they wouldn't print straight due to so small) and I was able to print the 5.5x7.5 ones at work for the back flap return address (which I couldn't do my invites there as it didn't like the thick paper and left marks all over it) or the small eveleops as they were too small. So the print on the outer envelops does not match my pantones and was more of a darker/royal blue than the peacock blue. But who cares! They are done and with the caligrapher today getting addressed. I am ordering my personalized stamps online today and will hopefully have them in the mail by Tuesday. YEAH! Thanks again for your help, I was getting frustrated.

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