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How to curl straight hair?

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Originally Posted by jkcz0702 View Post
My hair does not hold a curl for long. I talked to my hair stylst bc I swear by hot rollers and she said that I am better off with a small-med curling iron and take a small section of hair and spray it really good with hair spray then curl it. I did try it and it held much longer but did eventually fallhuh.gif
I have poker straight hair and this is what the stylist did for my wedding hair and it held pretty long. I mean I didnt expect it to stay really curly more wavy. I say it was curly for about 2 hrs and than wavy the rest of the night.

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Does anyone have any recommendations of specific product (hair spray, gel...) that works for us straight haired girls wanting big beautiful curls? I am going with hot rollers but want to use the best product out there that will hold the curls but not look too crunchy...


I don't use any product in my hair as it stands, so i really need some help here!

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