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Has anyone put their monograms on their OOT bags? If so, can you give me some advice. Do you just buy transfer/iron on paper? I don't want them to look cheap.





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Lots of us have done monograms on our OOT bags. It was pretty easy & I was thrilled with how they came out. Try to do a search for OOT bags & I'm sure you'll come across some threads with pics & tips on how to do it.

You can buy the iron-on transfer paper from any office supply store. I got mine from Staples & I think they are the Avery brand.

Once you print the monogram on the paper, make sure you cut as close to the border of your monogram as possible. Also, make sure you follow the instructions which should be on the paper & flip/mirror your monogram image before you print!

Also make sure you put something between the bag & the hard surface that you are ironing on, like a towel.

When you go to start ironing, keep the iron moving around and apply some slight pressure. Move it all around the monogram, from end to end. Don't linger in one place to long as that might make you end up with some browning.

I'd keep ironing until your sure that the paper has adhered to the surface of your bag. Then put the bag aside & let it cool. Then you can start the next one.

DH & I had an assembly line going. I'd iron them on and he'd peel them off as they cooled.

It was quick & easy! Hope that helps & good luck.

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