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Anyone can share experiences at Villa Mia?

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My fiance and I are thinking about Villa Mia, but have heard from one WC that they are difficult to work with and I have yet to see them listed on any other WC's sites as a location option. I'm wondering if anyone has experiences they can share and if Villa Mia is indeed difficult to work with (and in what ways?).


Our plan would be for everyone (about 40 guests) to stay their and to probably do the ceremony and reception there as well. Though we might need a change of scenery after a few days.


Thanks for the help.


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I am also looking at using Villa Mia. Villa Mia has received great reviews on Trip Advisor, and it's the only villa I can find in the area that can hold our entire group (around 25 people). You mentioned you would have around 40 guests. I believe Villa Mia maxes out at 30.


Sorry I can't be of more help!

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