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Ocean Turquesa & Coral Brides?

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#971 AnaS

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    Posted 17 December 2011 - 03:56 PM



    We tasted 2 hous d'oeuvre menus for teh cocktail hour. We liked pretty much everything and ended up picking a couple of seafood options (the coconut shrimp and the ceviche from the carribean menu, the guacamole and quessadilla for the vegetarians from the mexican menu and the beef skewers and something else from the international menu.


    We tasted 4 menu options. Here is my review of all of the dishes. All in all anything would have been great. I am particularily impressed with the desserts which are soooo yummy.



    Menº 1
    Salmon Carpaccio   - i do not eat fish, but my fiancee said it was ok
    Guava and Mezcal sherbet - good but we mostly liked the lime one
    Surf and turf (beef fillet and jumbo shrimps) - we ended up choosing this one for the main course; the filet was nicely medium to medium well cooked, was juicy and very good; I do not eat seafood but my fiancee said the shrimp was good; it comes with 2 pieces of asparagus and a little bit of baked mashed potatoes
    Bitter Italian chocolate - it was good but a little too runny
    Coffee and petit fours
    Menº 2
    Feta cheese and Balsamic vinaigrette salad - nothing special; just lettuce, cucumber and feta cheese; it was good
    Lemon and vodka sherbet - we liked this one the best and choose it for our wedding
    Wellington beef fillet - it was very good; the issue in my oppinion is that it is well done and no everyone likes that; it is baked in a pastry cover; my fiancee liked it very much but we decided not to go with it because not everyone may like it in our opinion
    Cr¨me br»l©e - was very good
    Coffee and petit fours
    Menº 4
    Green pepper beef Carpaccio - it was very good
    Champagne sherbet - we liked this one a lot too
    Rosemary sauce lamb leg - I am not a fan of lamb but my fiancee loved this dish; it was a piece of lamb cooked in a pastry cover; we did not go with this one because lamb is not everyone's favorite
    Pineapple and coconut caribbean cake - we ended up choosing this one for our wedding; it is a vanilla based cake layered with a cream and fresh pineapple; it is very refreshing and delicious
    Coffee and petit fours
    Menº vegetariano
    Tomato and goat cheese pesto salad - we picked this for our wedding; it was really good; it may not be everyone's favorite though because of teh goat cheese
    Tangerine and vodka sherbet - it was good
    Vegetables strudel  - I loved this entree; I am thinking very seriously of getting the veggie option for myself at the wedding; it was a pastry struddel with lots of veggies, but was very well seasoned and itis delicious; WE picked this for our vegetarian friends
    Yogurt and fruits cake - this was also one of my favoritel; so good and refreshing; My fiancee liked the other one better and since I loved them both, we ended up not choosing this one
    Coffee and petit fours


    Ana was so great to let us pick and choose from the different menus.


    On the cake, I loved all of them. We tasted: vanilla, pineapple, strawberry. We eneded up choosing the strawberry. They are all vanilla based cakes layered with cream (I think vanilla) and fruit. They are amazing all. I did not taste the chocolate because my fiancee does not like chocolate.


    Flower decorations:


    We had no luck with Walmart. It is a small store and they do not have the cylinders that we need. Since I will be using the cylinders both at the wedding and at the reception , Ana agreed to just bring them from the church aftre the ceremony, so I will be buying them from them. I have not been quoted a price yet, because I am getting them through my ceremony planner and she is working on my quote now. (better said next year)

    If the florist doe not take them back I will gladly leave them for you with Ana because I will definitely not be taking them back. I will probably have 8-10 tables.




    We think we will not be dong favors, but have a welcome bag for guests. I am not sure what I will be putting in the welcome bag yet. I found a cheap tote for $2 that I will be buying and I will add for sure: a personalized thank you letter, wedding weekend schedule - we are having some actiities: renting a catamoran, going to cichen itza, etc, sun screen and other stuff (maybe some mexican candy).



    Well, I hope this helps.


    Happy planning!




    #972 Sandy Borie

    Sandy Borie
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      Posted 18 December 2011 - 06:36 AM

      Wow Ana! Thank you so much for the detailed menu review. What an enormous help for us!  I am going to sit with my fiancee and go through your review to decide what we want.   We have not gotten our rsvps back yet but we are also anticipating about 8-10 tables too so that might work out lovely! Thank you! I am feeling really good about being able to pick and choose from the different menu options and also being able to pick for our vegetarian friends. My fianc© and a I count the days till the wedding. SO EXCITED! I wish we could get away from this cold weather and go to Mexico.  You must be counting the days too! 

      #973 AnaS

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        Posted 18 December 2011 - 11:55 AM

        I am glad I could help. Please let me know if you have any specific questions. I would be happy to answer them.


        I, as well, am counting days to the wedding :) Bring there made me so excited and I look forward to my wedding day.

        I also saw a wedding while there (it was in Villa Marina restaurant, because tehy were afraid of rain that day. I love the Villa Marina as a back-up option for the wedding. It is so nice, still outside but covered. The problem with that is that the restauant is closed on Thurdays only and not sure they allow it as an option for another day of the week. My wedding is on a Saturday.


        I have not received RSVP's yet either. I am a little nervous about that. I am pretty confident for about 50 guests, but I am not sure beyond that. We could end up with much more or none more :). We will have to see. I am sure though we will have a great time.



        #974 JBandDJ

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          Posted 18 December 2011 - 02:34 PM

          Trisportbride-Ana responded today to our time change request.  She has changed our ceremony fom 5 to 4.    


          When do we make the menu choices?  I know we have a meeting when we arrive.......is that when all the details are decided......or what do they need to know about ahead of time?

          #975 danienmatt2012

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            Posted 18 December 2011 - 04:17 PM

            JbandDJ- I noticed that you were questioning the time of your ceremony in march because of timing of sunset for pictures....did you look up what the sunset times are for march? I questioned this also and asked Ana for best time for a sunset wedding and then i googled the sunset time for our wedding and April and its not until 7pm. I know the recent bride (i apologize for not knowing her name that got married in November) had a earlier wedding because her sunset time is almost 2 hours different than what it will be in the spring. I dont want to sway you from your choice but i know this was a huge dicision for us too and after talking to Ana and doing the research we decided to do a 6 pm ceremony, but we also wanted a sunset wedding and we are doing pics befor. My fiancee and i go to this resort every April and October and its a huge difference in Daylight hours.  I know you dont want sunset wedding but if it helps i just wanted to give my resources!

            Happy planning! :)

            #976 TriSportBride

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              Posted 18 December 2011 - 04:19 PM

              Whoo-hoo!! Congrats!  :)

              Originally Posted by JBandDJ 

              Trisportbride-Ana responded today to our time change request.  She has changed our ceremony fom 5 to 4.    


              When do we make the menu choices?  I know we have a meeting when we arrive.......is that when all the details are decided......or what do they need to know about ahead of time?


              #977 AnaS

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                Posted 18 December 2011 - 05:48 PM

                I think the menu choices you can make whenever you want. You can make them when you arrive or you can do it in advance. There was a couple that was doing tatings at the same time with us and they were getting married 2 days later.


                For me, it was important to make them earlier, because I want to create and print menus that will be placed on the tables for all guests and I would need to do that before heading there for the wedding.

                #978 Sandy Borie

                Sandy Borie
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                  Posted 19 December 2011 - 04:36 PM

                  @AnaS- Thank you again for giving us a detailed review of the menu.  I sat down and spoke to my fianc© and we are going with almost the same choices as you except for the dessert option. Both my fianc© and I are big Creme Br»l©e fans so we are going with that. .  Your input really helped to make the decision.  I would wait till we got there to do the tasting but like you we want to have printed menus at the table.  I also wanted to share that we are going with the Tres Leches cake as our wedding cake.  It is a traditional Mexican cake that my fianc© and I love and Ana said they could definitely do that.  I have some questions as far as the cocktail menu, I know that you had mentioned that you picked 2 of the hor d' oeuvres from the Carribbean menu went with the Mexican menu.  Did you have to substitute 2 for d'oeuvres from the Mexican menu to get the 2 from the Carribbean menu and price wise how did she quote you?  Also how was the Guacomole and mexican salsa and chips served? Was it dressed up fancy or was it just chips in a bowl with dip on the side? I am having a hard time picturing that for a cocktail hour.  Thank you in advance for your help! 


                  #979 Sandy Borie

                  Sandy Borie
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                    Posted 19 December 2011 - 04:42 PM

                    @AnaS- almost forgot to ask you. . .On your printed menus, are you writing both of the main entree choices that you chose? (Surf & Turf or Vegetable Strudel) so that guests can decide between both?  We want to do this too for our vegetarian friends.  Does Ana have to have a count of how many people want the Vegetarian or can people decide at the wedding which one they want?  I hope they can decide at the wedding because I would like to give our guests an option between the two. Right?

                    #980 AnaS

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                      Posted 21 December 2011 - 06:45 AM

                      When we choose the hour d'oeuvres, we only tasted the international menu and the carribean menu. Aftre we picked our favorites we realized that we did not have anything vegetarian and picked the 2 options from the mexican menu. Unfortunately, I do not know how fancy the dress those too, but judging from the rest, they will be nice. Everything that we got was very nicely decorated and appropiate for a party.


                      I do not think you can decide on the wedding day on the option. I plan on asking our guests to choose their entree when they RSVP for the wedding. This way I will give Ana a count in advance.


                      BTW: not sure if you have kids at the wedding, but they do have kids menus as well ( chicken fingers with fries, pasta and mini hamburgers)

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