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  1. That being said.....choosing/downloading all the music was time consuming and one of the stressful points of preparing for the wedding....
  2. We did not use a dj but did have my brothers do the mcing. Ana is correct that there is a staff member there to run the sound system (we used iPod with different playlists for the evening....guests being seated for ceremony, entrances for ceremony, dinner playlist, dance playlist and then specific songs for the special dances). Our mcs moved the night along...they just signal the music guy to turn it down and make whatever announcement they needed to then the music was turned back up (it worked very well).
  3. The beach is not rocky (there are a few spots with some rocks around one of the volleyball courts but no one used water shoes). The beach/water definitely has seaweed (the grass type not the slimy stuff)....they do clean the beach regularly though. It didn't phase my guests to have a bit of grass in the water - temperature was phenomenal!
  4. Room clarification: The junior suite rooms will not have a view of the ocean (maybe of the pool, garden, etc.), junior suite ocean view will not directly face the ocean but will have a view of the ocean from the balcony (the same as the basic junior suite but higher up...ours was an inner room with an extensive view of the ocean and kids pool), one of our guests stayed in the Ocean front master suite (was on main floor, ocean front, two full rooms basically....one was the bedroom with bathroom and the other was like a living room/dining table and second half bath, terrace had shower, jacuzzi tub....it was nice but was broken into (from terrace door) during the wedding and things were stolen), privilege rooms are the same but with extra stuff in the fridge and are located on the one side of the resort (some of those have jucuzzi tubs on the balcony). I believe the only difference between regular and deluxe in having the jacuzzi tub on the balcony/terrace. I don't know if they actually have a honeymoon specific suite - more like a free honeymoon package (some perks with respect to room service, additional breakfast, champagne..things like that). We originally wanted to pay the extra to get the master suite room, but decided that the pricing was just too crazy....honestly we were banking on a free upgrade when we got there. We went during spring break and did get upgraded to an ocean view junior suite, but were hoping for a master suite (wanted the second room to get ready etc). My husband was quite disappointed, but the resort was full and they couldn't do anything about it. Our second week we chose to forgo the ocean view to be closer to the party pool - we were a good ten minute walk from our room before. Hope this helps!
  5. If you choose one of their colors for sashes you do not pay the $3/sash.
  6. @toritrad. I got married last march at OCT...it was fabulous! I also thought the percentage would be crazy for tipping. Our wedding day bill was about $3700 and we topped it up to $4000.
  7. The sideshow keeps asking me for a show ID??? Anyone know how to get past this screen?
  8. Yes there are dress codes for a la cartes. Men must be in pants and shoes...ladies no capris/shorts/beach flops.
  9. @leahbecker. We also did a symbolic ceremony only (but used their officiant) and we were discounted for all the legal fees and bloodwork costs.
  10. Yes! We love the table set up. We originally had 6/7 round tables, but switched to this when we got to the resort. Our guests loved it - several commented on how intimate it was I'm not sure about with 56 people though.....it would make your square a lot larger. We had 33 people....
  11. @ leahbecker: Yes I had my hair and makeup done at the salon there (Litzy did both). I went in the day before for a trial because I wanted it to be perfect I brought several pictures and she actually picked which one would be best for me - I was totally impressed. I also purchased flowers through the wedding coordinator - wanted orchids but they couldn't find any so they brought me other white flower options and didn't charge me. For the wedding day I had her do my bangs slightly different from the trial and the makeup a bit darker - turned out great and didn't budge all night! I also brought clip in extensions (I have long, but fine hair so I needed some more hair for a full updo). Litzy used a TON of hairspray so be prepared.....at first you will think she is crazy but in the end it looks awesome and holds in the wind! My bridesmaids dresses are by Alfred Angelo. Two were purchased at Mylee's in Calgary (don't be scared away by the way the place appears - Mylee is an incredible seamstress and did my dress (bought at Beautiful Bride) alterations perfectly) and one in Regina. They were originally tea-length but two of the shorter girls brought the up above the knee. The color I chose was called fuschia
  12. No extra for welcome dinner - I just reserved with Karen prior to arriving (about a month or so). I'm sure if you want a restaurant there would be a charge, but we used the buffet (it is very good and more flexible with respect to time)....
  13. Here is a link to our professional wedding photos by Dean Sanderson (so awesome) http://s1016.photobucket.com/albums/af281/jenniferdawnbell/Wedding/ (password is bailey). Feel free to have a look and ask questions if you have them
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