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Originally Posted by bestbride View Post
Oops sorry, will change my name as requested..... and then should I post all the information about my business?
yes - you have only one opportunity to do it - here in this thread, only once.

please acquaint yourself with the vendor rules like previously mentioned.

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I'm stymied, I can't see where to change my name other than deleting who I am now and re-registering under my company name. I thought I explained myself as to why I used the name bestbride as my signin. There is no intent whatsoever to deceive anyone, nor did I know that a sign in name could be a problem. I also thought that you couldn't post any of your information i.e. website, blog or anything until after you had gotten enough credits. That's why I didn't enlarge on my business. I think I'll just remove myself from this forum... thanks for all the welcomes anyway. I did get a P.M. already, so I hope my answer goes through ok to the original sender.

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