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i thought it would be fun to include a pocket guide to our wedding in the welcome bags to include the timeline for weekend and wedding day, important contact info, spanish phrases, local services, map, blank pages, etc. has anyone done anything like this? i'm looking for a template for something like this (binder, journal or something).

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Yep, I'm doing this. It's gonna be like an "info central" thing. I was going to do it in a binder since its nicer but I thought that would be too heavy for the people who want to bring it on the plane with them, so it'll probably be a doutang or something.

Since I have a small guest list, I'm also including an "intro page". I'm going to get all of the guests to give me a small fact about them not everyone knows and we'll write a short bio. Hopefully this will act as an icebreaker for those guests who don't know eachother.

I don't have a template yet (wedding is still a year away), but I am slowly working towards it. If anything maybe we can swap tips! lol.

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I think that would be cute.


I'm not doing the exact same thing, but what I did was order copies of travel guides from the tourism board (they were free and had local area guides, maps and info about taxi services, resturants, activities, etc).


The separetly I printed up a contact info list which I cut and laminated for oot bags. I made them about business card size, printed front and back so people could put them in their wallets.


I'm just going to make a simple timeline on my home computer and print it up on cardstock. I can give you a sample template of that if you want.

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