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Vallarta Brides - photos between Feb 21 - Apr 1, 2007?

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Anybody have photos (or can take photos for me) of INSIDE La Iglesia de Nuestra Senora de Guadalupe (the cathedral) during the above dates?


I need to know if the altar, cruicifix and/or statues are covered during LENT...which means between now and Holy Week/Easter. Holy Week is Apr 1 - Apr 8, 2007, so if you are there/have been there prior to Apr 1, please share your cathedral pix.


I need to know for possible wedding date during LENT in 2008! I so want to STD but can't without knowing that very important detail!




Thanks so much!

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This is a stretch, but have you checked travel review websites like lonelyplanet or igougo? Also photo hosting sites like flickr . . . I've found random photos of places I'm going to that were taken in the months I plan to go. Perhaps you'll find something that helps you. Good luck!

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