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ROR - Sir Richard

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I've done a search of ROR Restaurants but was wondering if any recent brides returning from ROR could give me an idea as to what Sir Richard is like.


I'm attempting to make some decisions on a Rehearsal Dinner location.



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At Sir Richard, you get served every course. It's described as a gourmet specialty restaurant. We went & we found it so-so. It was a nice change being served for dinner, as opposed to going to the buffets. But we didn't feel a need to go there more than once & some of our guests said that they could've skipped it altogether.


I found it very small & the service was slow, but I guess thats to be expected when you're being served every course. Also, I think there were only 2 main servers when we went.

And ofcourse, you have to have reservations & there are 2 seatings.


Here's a copy of their menu in case you don't have it. Things may have changed on it as I got this in 2007.


Sir Richard

Gourmet Specialty Restaurant


Mix Leaves salad with crumbled goat cheese and basil vinaigrette


Fettuccine Jacuzz sauted with shrimps in a tomato-rosemary sauce


Fresh marlin carpaccio served with extra virgin olive oil



Shrimps bisque served with julienne vegetables and salmon roe


Oriental shorba, puree coconut, carrots and tomato

flavoured with fresh cilantro and lemon grass


Main Courses

Red snapper fillet blackened on a bed of grilled

vegetables in a red bell pepper sauce


Beef Tenderloin English style served in a pepper sauce dianna


Lamb cutlets in rosemary sauce served with vegetable's

caponata and risolee potatoes


Chicken carrousel, stuffed chicken breast with provolone

cheese and prosciutto in a Basil creamy sauce


Fish Sir Richard, coconut crusted in a creamy peanuts sauce



Exotic fruits plate served with coconut sherbet and honey


Crepes suzzet Alaska served with a vanilla ice cream coop

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Thanks for the info!


I'm having second thoughts now...do you have any info on the other restaurants? I'm having dinner @ Mammee Bay for the wedding.


Maybe I'm a picky eater..but i hate seafood!

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Ellipse---according to the thread, "anyone have their welcome dinner any place other than St. Ann's?" there is a charge to have your welcome dinner at Sir Richard's. Mammee and St. Ann's are the only free ones according to that thread. I haven't personally asked Chandlyn, as I'm having my welcome dinner at St. Ann's and reception at Mammee.

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