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How Many Stems for Rose Bouquets

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I search for the answer to my question and I couldn't find it so if the answer's already out there I apologize. I want only roses for everything. Originally my bouquet had 18 stems and the bridesmaid bouquets had 12 stems. I wanted to save some money so I told the florist I got a quote from to make my bouquet 12 stems. I just received the quote and my bouquet is 12 stems but she made the bridesmaid bouquets 6 stems. I'm assuming my bouquet is supposed to be bigger than the bridesmaids? But isn't a 6 stem bouquet kind of punny? and then the more I think about it, will my bouquet look punny? I want to save money but I don't want them to look bad. Should I just pay the extra amount?


Is 12 stems enough to make my bouquet look nice so should I go bigger?


Is 6 stems enough for the bridesmaids bouquets? It just doesn't sound like enough. I'm trying to picture it and can't. Thanks!!

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