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We are getting married at Adventura Spa Resort in Feb. We were going to just stay there 10 days and honeymoon there. But recently we have been talking about going somewhere else for the honeymoon. We have found Le Blanc hotel in Cancun which is also a Palace Resorts hotel. We were just wondering if anyone on here has been there or knows anything about the hotel. Any information would be helpful.




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Hi -

In case you are still curious about Le Blanc. I stayed there for a work trip about two years ago. They did a great job accommodating our group of 30. They planned several parties (socials and dinners) for our group. They did a fabulous job. The resort is amazing.


Here are my thoughts on a few things:

Food - fabulous. The chinese restaurant was so good I still can't get it out of my mind. You could walk into any restaurant without reservations/waiting.


Pool - Really beautiful. You could get great spots at the pool without any issues and the view of the ocean was spectacular.


Rooms - great. Every time we returned to our room it was cleaned thoroughly. You never knew what type of present would be there for you....amazing desserts, mints, towels shaped into swans. It was very cool. The turn down service is great as well. When you returned to your room for the evening the bed and lights were turned down and romantic music was playing.


Service - top notch. The staff really went above and beyond for you. Our concierge even packed up our things so we could have extra time by the pool.


Drinks - They had everything you could possibly want. The bartenders are so much fun.


I think you would love it. Feel free to PM me if you have any specific questions.



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