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Cannot pick a location

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Took me 9 months to finally realize we wanted to get married for sure in Hawaii. We had gotten engaged there so there's meaning behind getting married there. However we live in San Francisco area so most of our friends are here. And my family is back in San Diego and I grew up there so that was also one of places to chose from. San Diego vs. Bay Area vs. Hawaii.


Hawaii obviously won.


Good luck sweetie!! When you find the right place, you'll know!! Congrats!!

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Oh, I would love to do Hawaii, but it's too far from the East Coast. But who knows at this point!


Today we are focusing on Mayan Riviera (but not Cancun). We have kids coming, so we have to rule out SO MANY resorts. Sad! Luckily I am hanging with my parents on vacation this week, so they are busy helping me look around the internet.


I emailed TA Tammy last night, so hopefully I can get some direction soon.


thanks to everyone who sent ideas and support! I love this forum!

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