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I just had a thought. Is it bad that I am inviting people to wedding showers before I have even sent them an invitation to my weddinghuh.gif (My showers are being held before the busy holiday season, 9/27 and 10/26).


I am trying really hard to come up with a design for my wedding invitations, but I keep complicating things and I can't get anything done!!!


I plan to send one style invite to people I am inviting to Florida AND my Missouri reception; then I'm sending another style of invite for people invited to the Missouri reception only. I don't know how to word it to invite people to both Florida and Missouri. What do I put on the RSVP card? And how do I word it to the Missouri only people when they'll be receiving the invite before we're even married??


And how much info do I need to provide in the wedding invitation regarding travel, accomodations, etc? I don't even know where to start!!!

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First of all, there are some great ideas for invitation wording on this forum and online. For the forum, just go to the search button and search invitation wording or some such and find threads on this.


We actually looked at invitation websites and at the pics of invitations for wording too.

This site is also good: VerseIt.com for all kinds of ways of wording wedding invitations and announcements.


In terms of inviting people to a reception for after the wedding, but sending that out beforehand, ...

Maybe something like: In February, ___ and ___ will be married in an intimate ceremony in Mexico. We invite you to celebrate our marriage back home in Wisconsin (or wherever) in March, ___.

Please save the date (or if it's an invitation, just give the details):


Please join us for a celebration of our marriage at

The Pool House


Cocktails at 6pm

Dinner at 7pm


Sound ok? :)


There are tons of great ideas, just thought I'd try to give you some little bit of feedback!

And I'm sure I only answered half of your questions.

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