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The Truth About Cheating by M. Gary Neuman

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Originally Posted by LC_Rachel View Post
Is that statistic really true- 1 out of 3 married men. That seems outrageously high.
I don't know how many couples he surveyed, but that sounds about right to me when i think about everyone that i know and how many affairs i know of. Sad...

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Yeah 1 out of 3 is kinda high. It does seem like every time I turn around though I know someone whos been cheated on, hear of someone who has cheated or know someone who is the "mistress". Soooo it' prob true. makes me sad.


I feel like this book may have some good points BUT also it may make strong generalizations. I didnt read it yet but just from listening to the show. I just don't think it applies to all men, ya know. Every situation is different. Joe has been working OT the last few weeks b/c of the storms lately (its mandatory for his co and what he does) so I'm not going to jump the gun and start thinking in my head "OMG Joe is cheating, he's been at work too much lately.." kwim? I guess women and men just have to be honest about their relationship and if they could be a victom of this.

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