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Advice from those that have signed your DW contract

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There are so many wedding packages to compare and none of will have everything we want on our perfect day... so we need to add things here or there...


What advice do you have for those of us that still have not signed a contract with a wedding/reception location? What little things do we need to remember or consider before signing?


I am afraid I may miss something and do not have it currently in my budget to hire a WC outside of the one the hotel would provide.


Thank you in advance!

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For us, it was important to be clear about the following:


- Will the WC or person in charge be on site from start to finish

- How late does the reception go & what are you charged for going over that time if you so choose? Is that even an option?

- Specify all food & drink items included and amount per guest if not unlimited

- Photographer/Video they offer or if they allow outside vendors at the hotel

- Are there separate areas to ensure you don't see each other pre-ceremony?

- What are the music options? Can you provide your own if you want?

- Who handles small stuff like program distribution & seating of guests?


That's all I can think of for now, hope that helps ;o)

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