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Tip Your Hairdresser

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Originally Posted by Tracy View Post
I go to an Aveda salon...and they have a no-tipping policy - it's nice not to have to worry about it at the end of the hair appt - but i'm pretty certain the prices are higher than the norm...so i'm sure it's built in somewhere. The thing with Aveda is that one person washes, one applies your color, one washes out the color, your main stylist cuts and then someone else blow-dries...YIKES - how coudl I possibly tip all those peoplehuh.gif
i go to an aveda school & they encourage a "tip for a cause" program. You can donate to a charity instead of tipping.

I personally would rather pay higher prices & not tip.

I haven't had my hair cut in 1 year & 3 months :o!! I was growing it out for the wedding & I've just been to busy to make an appointment.

OK, off topic but I just shocked myself when I realized that.

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There have been a couple posts commenting on my comments regarding tipping, so I thought I would just add a few things:


In Canada minimum wage in all provinces is about 8$ an hour or more, so our restaurant staff have to make that plus tips (they are not allowed to pay only 3$ an hour). I was basing it on that when I was saying that servers make a lot of money (my friends, sister etc all made like 100$ tips in 5 hours working at an average restaurant, not even a fancy place)


When I say I sometimes tip not by percentage, I am talking about when I go to a restaurant just my husband and I, and our bill will be like 120$ (because we had steak rather than chicken!) but I won't leave a 24$ (20%) tip. I may leave like 10-12$. While that is cheap in percentage terms (as standard is 15-20%) it's not like I'm leaving nothing or 2$.


Servers do have to tip out (to cooks, hostess, dishwashers etc) , but when I server tells you they tip out 15% I highly doubt they mean 15% of their food sales (as then they would make almost nothing!) they probably mean 15% of their tips. Usually the tip out is a small fraction of the tips they make (less than half for sure). At the restaurant I worked at we had to tip out 4% of our food sales, seeing as people are suppose to tip 15-20% of food sales (but in reality we only averaged like 11% because a lot of people don't tip at all) so we ended up sharing like a third of our tips.


So although it's a very good point that by not tiping anything you are costing that server money, as they likely still have to tip out (depending on how tip out is calculated) but I don't think that by tipping only 10-15% rather than 15-20% means it's costing them money. But yes, people who leave nothing are costing the server money, which sucks unless you got really bad service.

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so I think the $8 versus $3 totally changes things. the us is such a tipping culture, especially when wait staff only make $3 per hour. i'd rather see them get paid minimum wage so tips can be in addition to that. I would rather just get charged the full amount & not need to tip. the only time I really enjoy tipping is in mexico. it doesn't feel so expected there & I know how little the staff are making.


when it's just a calculated 20% it just doesn't give me the warm & fuzzy feeling.

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Originally Posted by Morgan View Post
the only time I really enjoy tipping is in mexico. it doesn't feel so expected there & I know how little the staff are making.
I agree, tipping in Mexico is the best! I love how you can leave just 2-3$ and for them that is a lot!!! We always leave tips. Where else can you tip for meals, drinks, room cleaning etc every day and have it only cost you like 100$ after a week!

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Yes of course when you travel to third world countries tipping $5 makes you feel great because people really value it.


My friend was in Thailand and had an awesome hour massage every day for $15 and tipped the girl $100 after his whole week there. She was happy.... to say the least.


When I worked at a well known club in ny we had a lot of "famous" clients and the staff created a tipping shit list. It was funny.. You would be surprised at the good and bad. I won't go into it but here is a random sampling


Jim Carey is an awesome tipper. Always.

Liza Minelli is fabulous

Kim Catrall made the entire female staff wish they had never watched 10000 episodes of sex and the city.

Danny Glover all time worst.

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