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What to give as a gift....

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I have a conundrum.....


My FI is a groomsman in his long time friend's wedding in May.

We are getting married in December.

He will of course have the usual expenses associated with being in the wedding party, but the couple has expressed that they will probably be attending our destination wedding.


So, do I take there intended plans to attend our wedding into question when giving our wedding gift to them? As most of you can relate, we are trying to save for our wedding and the "expected" gift for this wedding could be costly in addition with the groomsman expenses. I was thinking of buying something off her registery? Is that too cheap? I am really at a loss as to what to do.


Any advice greatly appreciated.

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this is really bad of me, but when my best friend got married, I had to fly in and the store she registered at was only in LA, so I waited until the day before the wedding and went and bought all the little things that hadn't been boughten yet, which didn't add up to a whole lot, then I bought a cool basket and put all these little things which looked like a lot of gift.

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I say do whatever you can afford. It's the thought that counts not the amount of money that you spend.


I'm in a similar situation, I have cain's aunt's wedding in May, and all our money is going towards our wedding right now.. So I'm doing a gift for them as a personal gift versus what they registered for. Besides the only reason the registered is to replace stuff that they don't need.. So I figured it would be ok if I wanted to get creative..

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If they are planning on attending your wedding, could you possibly plan an excursion for them? Or something for your trip? That way, you could go cheaper if you chose, yet it'd be personal because they could have a "night out together" or something like that. A second honeymoon type thing?

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