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Any Grand Palladium brides?

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#1511 MyTye2B

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    Posted 14 April 2013 - 03:46 PM

    Hi Carlota!


    I can't see the pictures that Vanessa sent you.  :(  But she did send me a few of Las Rocas before so maybe the were the same.  I think it will be a great party. 


    I will be bringing the OOT bags with me from Canada and put them together at the resort.  We are arriving 2 days before our guests so Vanessa will hand them out to the guests rooms when they arrive.  It will cost $2 per room for them to hand them out but otherwise Tyrel and I would have to wait in the lobby all day to give them to our guests.  I think it will be nice for them to just have it waiting in the room as a surprise.  :)



    #1512 Chrestena

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      Posted 14 April 2013 - 09:11 PM

      Maybride and Mikeycelle...thinking of you girls and wishing you both a beautiful wedding celebration and days to follow!! Have fun!!! Lauren- I love the bags! Trying to figure out which ones I want but I'm running out of time:) lol. Yours look amazing:) Carlota- thank you for the info on the beach bash- I e mailed Vanessa as well- haven't heard back from her yet-getting nervous that she hasn't responded tommy last few e mails- my wedding is in 24 days:) someone mentioned that after a certain amount of guests booked, there was a discount- I'm on my phone app so I can't scroll back and look without rewriting this, does anyone have more info on this? I was hoping to get a room upgrade as we have been to the GP twice before, and this third visit we are booked for our wedding with 30 guests. Has anyone had any luck securing a discount after a certain number of guests or at least a room upgrade? Goodnight!! Xoxo Chrestena

      #1513 claire0701

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        Posted 15 April 2013 - 01:58 PM

        I can't see your pictures either Carlota but I hope they're lovely as we are having our drinks and dancing at Las Rocas after our emal as well! 


        Chrestena, I'm not sure if you have already done this, but if not visit palladiumaddict.net.  There is a tonne of info on there including a template e-mail to send the hotel no sooner than 1 week before you arrive with a room request (which you can ask for a complimentary upgade seeing as you have visited several times before.)  I think if you mention Palladium Addicts it throws some weight behind it as well.  From what I read they really do try and accomodate your requests as far as possible and are also very hospitable towards the Palladium Addicts (return vacationers)  I guess it all depends on what rooms are not booked up for the time you are there, but fingers crossed you will get at least an upgrade!


        I'm heading off to bed now to dream about my dress, had a fitting last night and fell in love all over again! xx

        #1514 karenk

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          Posted 16 April 2013 - 12:18 PM

          Hello all future palladium brides.

          Well I am back from our wedding and honeymoon!!!!

          Where to start - Stunning, Breathtaking, Amazing, Fun

          I am going to start with a review of the Hair/Make up as I know a few of you wanted this information.

          The girls there are very good and did an amazing job.  My only recommendation is give yourself lots of time.  We had 3 weddings that day and one bride that was very picky plus I guess brought extra people and they took more time than they were booked for so my group were all delayed.  It was very scary, and we were not ready on time.. but fortunately our judge was late so it all worked out.

          I did not have a picture of what I wanted but went earlier that week and looked at their books, I had an idea and found what I wanted.  They did an even better job than what I expected.  The make up beautiful, I gave her full reign on colors as I felt they would know what is better for pictures.  A note, the makeup is heavier than what you most likely are used to but necessary for pictures.  All of us looked stunning and I would say don't worry at all, every wedding we saw during the week, everyone looked amazing. 

          Wedding locations - we were married at the Beach Gazebo.. so happy with this choice.  It was stunning and the way it is located while you will get spectators they are at a respectful distance.  Loved this location.  Our reception was at the Gran Azul and it was perfect.  You are surrounded by jungle and they block it off so very private.  They did a really nice job with decoration and I did not purchase anything extra.

          I loved this location for the privacy for our reception.  We had 45 people so yes this was the private pay per person reception.  My only thing I wish I had bought an extra hour, we were still ready to keep dancing at 11 when we had to shut it down.

          the food was amazing but it wasn't what I ordered..we had a good laugh at that one.

          Service was also really good but they did not serve the head table first.  I will be sending this recommendation in which my follow up comment email.

          Im not sure if this was cleared up in another email but there was some discussion on this forum about a $70.00 Judge fee.   yes you do have to give them $70 US cash but it is for the transportation of the judge and then they deduct it from your total so you are not paying anything extra.

          The blood test is done right at the Wedding Coordinators office and it was very professional and easy. 

          The marriage certificate is one of the coolest things.. with your thumb prints.  Love it.

          If you do have a sand ceremony - I recommend having one of guests look after getting it to a room after the ceremony.  My own fault for not doing this and our sand was all mixed up when they gave it back to me.  So we will redo it here in Canada.  Again - not a huge deal and I blame myself for that one.


          Wedding Coordinator.. when we got there, they mixed up people (same names) and our wedding letter with date/time of meeting was given to one of our guests.  We arrived late at night so it was a little frantic, Finally I got a hold of someone the next day to find out when our meeting was as we did not know their was a mix up with names. Rocio who I did all my planning with ended up not being who looked after us when we got there.  No explanation as to why and it was a little disappointing at first but Grace ended up being our wedding coordinator and she was amazing.  She did a fabulous job.


          the Resort - Fantastic.  we loved it and for a large resort the food was exceptional.  I have food issues, Im Celiac (no gluten) as well as no dairy.  The Palladium has a great system for allergies and it worked really well.  My Aunt (who is the same) and I had no issues with food and everyone was really good about.it.  Everyone of my guests had a fabulous time and loved the resort.

          I had my Travel Agent request rooms and they did not honor our requests,  some of them were met but we were all spread out all over the Whitesands resort.  This was a little disappointing.  wish I had know about the form on Palladium Addicts site. 


          Well this is getting long so will end here, if anyone has any other questions I would be happy to help answer if I can.  Our wedding was truly the wedding of my dreams.















          #1515 claire0701

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            Posted 16 April 2013 - 12:29 PM

            Congrtulations Karen! You look fantastic in the photos and I'm so pleased to hear you had a wonderful time. I'm alway a little anxious that ill hear some dreadful review but it seems the Grand Palladium is as good as it seems! Thanks for the information about the hair and make up and also the locations, it's nice to hear first hand. It's a shame your room requests weren't met, I hope it didn't distract too much from your vacation. Glad to hear the food was lovely although I grew the top table shoul always be served first. We're having Catholic ceremony so will be a little different from yours, but I hope we enjoy just as much!

            #1516 Chrestena

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              Posted 16 April 2013 - 07:01 PM

              Karen-Congratulations! Wow!! You look amazing!! I am so happy for you and your husband :) It looks and sounds like you had such a wonderful wedding day! Thank you so much for the review...it really helps to hear firsthand from the brides both before (to share ideas) and after (to celebrate with you, and to give advice). Your photos are beautiful, and you look so happy :) Now, after hearing your review, I am wondering if I should have them do my hair/makeup. I was going to do it myself, but then I will just look "normal", and I really love the hairstyle you chose. I keep wanting to do something special with my hair (I think I have had the same hairstyle since I was 4, lol) but I dont know what to do. I had a hair trial here in NY, twice actually, and really disliked what both girls did to my hair. Too prom- looking. Is the flower in your hair real? Its gorgeous, and I would like flowers as well...but some of the ladies on here suggested getting artificial flowers so as not to wilt, but yours looks great!  Im also going back and forth between the beach gazebo and being right on the beach. I can't make up my mind. Ugh! I love them both! I think I will have to wait until I get there. 


              Again, thank you so much for sharing the photos of your day with us!! Mikeycelle and Maybride- thinking of you girls, and wishing you the best as well!


              Carlota- I know you were looking for strappy, sparkly heels and I forgot to tell you where I got the shoes from, in case you wanted to search for some there as well. I was on heels.com, or 6 pm.com, I can't remember which online site, and the ones I went with are Vince Camuto. There are so many beautiful shoes on both sites. Also try My glass slipper.com They have pretty shoes there also :)


              Claire- Thank you! Great advice, and I will pop over to palladiumaddict.net right now. I appreciate that!!


              Lauren, Claire and Carlota- with regards to Las Rocas...our group is going there 2 nights before the wedding for a welcome party during the White Party, but you all mentioned going there after your receptions for dancing and drinks. Do they have music there always? I was thinking it was only for the White Party. Do you know if it is dancing and music? I would love to head there after our reception if that is the case~ 


              Goodnight brides and brides to be!


              #1517 MyTye2B

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                Posted 11 April 2013 - 03:24 PM

                Ola Carlota!  First of all, again I think that your English is very good! I think your wedding will be wonderful and you have made all of the best choices based on what is important to you.  I know it’s not a private beach party, but did Vanessa tell you about the beach parties that they usually have if the weather is good each Friday night?  That might be something you can put together for your group too.  I also made the choice to go with some outside vendors and I think that the flowers you have will make your wedding special and unique – different from everyone else’s.  J  It will be perfect! 


                An OOT bag means an "Out of Town" bag. I also had NO idea what it stood for when I first joined this forum.  Some brides who are getting married away from where they live normally (destination brides :)) will put together bags for their guests including in them things that may be useful during the time they spend away for the wedding. For example, in mine I am putting small things like lip balm with SPF, bandages for cuts and scrapes, aloe, candy, Sudoku or Word Search game books, a welcome booklet that has information about the week and a thank-you note for coming, towel clips to hold beach towels on chairs, a holder that the guests can use for their room key or their tip money, playing cards, gum..... little things like that, nothing too fancy. They are not a necessity at all - some people choose to do it and others do not. I thought it would be a nice touch.

                For mine, I bought plain bags and I ironed on a simple design on the bags that are going to most of our guests. For the bridesmaids, maid of honour (my sister) and for my mom and Tyrel's mom I made a special design that I ironed on, but the bags will have a couple of different things in them, like the necklaces I got for the girls, and whatever gift I get for the parents - I haven't decided yet.   I hope that helps explain it a bit for you! 


                I do hope that I get to meet you!  Wouldn’t that be so crazy!?  You are leaving on the day of our wedding so I will make sure to post pictures here when we return.  Thank you for the advice from Trip Advisor about the bracelets.  That makes me feel better because I hadn’t even thought about how awkward that would look in pictures! 


                Two final things, hello to Heather from Ontario (my ‘home’ forever) and omg Mikeycelle you are leaving like, tomorrow!!!!!  Best wishes to you I know you will be an absolutely beautiful bride!!  I can’t wait to see pictures and hear about how perfect your day was!!!  Congratulations and enjoy every second! 


                Lauren J

                #1518 Maybride2013

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                  Posted 11 April 2013 - 09:37 PM

                  MyTye2b...thanks for the info on El Dorado..I was a little worried as no one had posted anything. Well we are off to the airport in 30 mins, just letting the kids snooze as long as I can. I will be sure to post my experience there for all you new brides :). And pics once I get them! So excited..good luck to all the other upcoming brides. This site has been a fabulous source of information and grateful to have found it. Adios Amigas !!!!!

                  #1519 claire0701

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                    Posted 12 April 2013 - 03:30 AM

                    Thank you Carlota for all the information, it is very clear and your english is great!  It's a shame you can't have the beach party and also the flowers of your choice but I would definitely suggest thinking about MrsTye2be's suggestion of heading along to the resort white party with all your guests.  Although it won't be private it would be a nice welcome or leaving celebration before or after the weding.  Good for you on choosing to have a maid of honour as well, it means you'll have someone there to help you with anything that crops up o the day, and also to share your special moments with.  Thanks also for the info on wristbands, it's good to know we don't need to worry about those.


                    Good luck Maybride2013 and Mikeycelle, have a totally amazing time!

                    #1520 MyTye2B

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                      Posted 12 April 2013 - 03:42 AM

                      You're welcome, MayBride!  You're already flying down to Mexico now, so good luck and have a wonderful experience!!  xoxo

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