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Hebrew blessing

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Originally Posted by cantorballard View Post
Here is my introduction to the Seven Blessings. Feel free to use what you wish

Seven Blessings/Sheva B´rachot

(I read –Tallit wrapped around both)

In a traditional Jewish wedding ceremony the Bride circles the groom seven times which represents the Kabbalistic idea of the earth revolving around the sun seven times to complete the creation. Today I place the tallit around X and Y to symbolize the idea of wholeness and completion and to define a protective circle around them. I recite the seven blessings (Sheva Barochot) which begins with the traditional recitation of the blessing over the 2nd cup of wine.

The blessings I invoke join the new couple to their new community of other married couples, and we pray for them to live a life of celebration and joy in their community.
Invoke the blessings...i like it! :) Thanks!!!

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Alyssa -

The response I posted yesterday, was meant for Neen, who posted on 10/22, asking about proper wording for an intro to the 7 blessings. It was not meant for you, but it was on the same post. I am usually very careful to make sure I am replying to a current request, which was what I did. Sorry for the inconvenience,


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