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Hi ladies,

Just wanted to know what to do in PV. Leaving to PV on the 17th (about 2 weeks smile159.gif ) and was wondering if you can give me suggestions on what and where to go in PV. This is my first time going, my mom and sisters are going too...A all girls weekend of relaxing and having fun!

Any suggestions?

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How about a day spa?

Puerto Vallarta Features | Fodor's Online Travel Guide


I def suggest an excursion of sometype, how about the rhythms of the night tour. (this is in Las Caletas and is organized by the same agency that the brides are using) Rhythms of the Night Cruise - Vallarta Adventures Guest Comments


I was also going to suggest, Nikki Beach at the Westin. I've heard that this is the spot, but I'm not sure if you mother would want to hang out there, but you never know! NIKKI BEACH

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Amy has great suggestions. Vallarta Adventures offers several tours and I've taken a few...can't go wrong with them. We chose Las Caletas for our wedding based on the Rythyms of the Night tour....very romantic!! And I've heard the best things about Nikki beach...having my bachelorette party night there during my wedding week.


I always get my hair braided when I go to PV. They do it while you sit on the beach and it's relatively inexpensive, that's a fun girly activity. They'll braid you all at once so that can be fun plus it keeps you cool and bonus- you don't have to do your hair the whole trip! That's relaxing alone!! If that's something you want to do just sit on the beach, they'll find you. I wish I were going in 2 weeks!!

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