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I Love Simon Whitfield

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    Posted 19 August 2008 - 12:22 AM

    NO he is not my fiance.. SQWRACING

    He is this AMAZING tri-athelte that won a gold in the 2000 Sydney games, and just did a hell of a race in tonight's triathalon.

    After the swim, he came out 14th. During the 40km bike course he was 13th ... things looks grim. Even the Canadian announcers are scared....And this is our champion!!!

    And then finally, his event, THE RUN! Halfway through the 10km race he was 6th, but looked tired. His shoulders were slumped. His stride was not what it should be. It looks painful.
    2.5 kms left and Simon is in the top 5!! and then in the top 4 !!!

    The final 4 a running in a tight pack, the last lap comes back into the stadium and towards to finish line. He throws his hat to the ground, ITS SHOW TIME!
    There are only 400 meters left and Simon SURGES TO THE FRONT!! He is in first place!!! HE TAKES THE LEAD!!WILL HE BE THE FIRST TRI-ATHELETE TO TAKE GOLD TWICE AT THE OLYMPICS
    The 200 metres marker arrives. He is running out of steam. But gives it his all! A young (Simon is 31, young yes, but for a tri-athelete....) German comes from behind and flies by him. Simon keeps going full tilt!

    And finished SECOND! An Amazing race! For an athelete that many thought could not do it! He had finished 12th in Athens in 2004. And he comes back to win SILVER 8 years after his surprising win in Sydney!

    If you don't love him yet, look at this blog. Anyone who loves their child this much is awesome in my book! SQWRACING
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