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Ring quality

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#21 MikkiStreak

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    Posted 02 March 2007 - 11:14 AM

    Holy cow--- it doesn't surprise me that some jewelers cut corners. And God knows retail always cuts corners. (example: when you take your vehicle to a retail chain like Firestone, they may advertise their ASC certified, but only 1-2 mechanics are in the shop and they aren't usually the ones doing the work). So it makes me wonder about some of these jewelry chains now--- are they really hiring professional jewelry people in their service shops, or do they hire that $8/hr person and have them supervised by a jewelry pro? It sure wouldn't surprise me.

    Definiately working on it already--- I'm pulling out the receipts from the purchase, the exchange they did with the permanent band and am going to begin writing down all the experiences... right down to bad toupee guy rolling his eyes at me when I asked to see the serial number inscription. I found the customer relations (not typical Customer Service) on their website and I'll start there. If they don't step up to the plate, then I'll simply head to the store on a Saturday and wait until they have several couples looking at the engagement rings and *then* I'll walk in to request a manager and start explaining everything. And if that still doesn't get any results, I'll start tracking down the district manager and work my way up.

    I appreciate all of you guys sharing your input--- I really wanted to know if I was just being nit-picky or whether there was a valid concern on my end about the quality of the head/prongs.

    #22 *JillD*

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      Posted 02 March 2007 - 11:19 AM

      Usually when you go to the corporate office of a large company with a complaint, you will get a response and they'll give you what you want within reason.

      I know within our company, if we get a corporate complaint, its a BIG deal, you never want a corporate complaint! So hopefully something will get done about it.

      I also had a problem with verizon wireless a few years ago and had to call 8 million times and the problem wasn't getting fixed ( I made a payment online and they took out two payments and said they couldn't get me my money back for 4 weeks, oooh, I was not happy!! Mind you this was several years ago and I was making no money so that extra $100 needed to go towards something else not giving them more money!) So I ended up having to write a letter, it was a long one, and I got my money back the next day & a couple of months free, so it worked out.

      My advice, document the names of every single person you talk to!

      #23 MikkiStreak

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        Posted 02 March 2007 - 11:34 AM

        Thankfully I wrote down names and dates of all the phone calls & visits to the store I've made. I have one of those jobs where if I make a mistake, it's a huge issue and I get raked over the coals big time, so I've learned to document the hell out of everything I do and operate on 'cover your ass' mode... It will serve me well with this! :)

        #24 MikkiStreak

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          Posted 02 March 2007 - 08:39 PM

          Well, I stopped by Jared's on my way home today. Talked to the GM and could kick myself in the butt for *ever* setting foot in Kay Jewelers... I told him the whole story about what's been going on and he was really great, but not a whole lot he can do about it. The 2 companies are treated completely separate, so I can't transfer the warranty from Kay to Jared. The only thing he can do is take care of the service stuff and bill Kay for it. Which, I will wind up taking him up on that because I definitely don't want to wait 2 weeks everytime I need my ring cleaned or serviced or rhodium plated.

          So, now onto corporate to file a complaint and see what they will do. I want to keep the diamond because of the good deal we got on it, but I want to be "given back" my 3 month exchange period on the band because we had actually planned on switching bands before they made that impossible with the way they did the transaction when they set the stone in the permanent band...

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