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Ok, I need opinions on this, because to me this doesn't seem normal and the jewelry store acts like I'm crazy and I'm beating the hell out of my ring.


I got my E-ring back in September. In the last 6 months I've had it, it's been in for repair twice for issues with the prongs bending. It has the typical platinum head and 4 prongs, but the mount has set up high from the band.


The first repair was done because one of the prongs bent sideways and I have no idea how because I didn't whack it on anything. And it *really* pissed me off because it happened a couple days before our "birthday" party where we surprised all our family and friends by announcing our engagement. So all night long, people kept approaching and grabbing my hand.... but nothing was there. (The jewelry store apparently doesn't "expedite" even when someone offers to pay for it.)


We took it in for the second repair because one of the prongs had bent about 1/8 of an inch away from the diamond. Which happened when I took a 3lb hand weight at Wal-Mart and put it back in the cardboard box on the shelf. (Picture it like this: The weight was sitting in the palm of my hand and I moved my hand over top of the box to let it roll into the box on the shelf). The cardboard box was like a box you ship things it--- that egg-carton, soft cardboard material. I brushed it so lightly that I barely even felt the ring move.


So when I went back to the jewelers and told them something was wrong with the head and the platinum prongs, they thought I was full of crap. I insisted they replace the head and they did, but kept the ring for 2 weeks and when I got it back, they shortened the head so it looks like it was cut off at the base of the ring.


And to top it off, they didn't get the ring back on the deadline they gave me, so I missed another special event to show the ring to people. I wound up having to tell the manager that if she didn't get the service manager to drive his happy ass over to the shipping facility and dig through the boxes to locate it, she would wind up with one extremely pissed off woman in her store on that Saturday throwing a hissy fit in front of all her customers.


When they finally got the ring back at the store, I told the guy I wanted to see the serial number inscribed on the diamond and he rolled his eyes at me. That guy was so lucky I didn't jump across the counter and rip off his really bad toupee at that point. Well, glad I made him do it because the inscription wasn't present and they had to send it back to the service center again to have the diamond moved to see if it was under the prongs. Took another 2 days....


Yes, I'm still pissed. But seriously, have any of you guys had issues with the quality of the head/band your diamond is setting in? Does this sound normal for it to break so easily?

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Only b/c a lot of my friends are jewelers I can tell you that I don't think it's normal for it to keep happening like that. Especially since you have platinum which is a strong metal. I think I may know what the problem is:


1. you have the prong set too high. a lot of people get a high set prong so that the ring will look bigger. But in actuality it puts the diamond in a vulnerable position. i would get my setting to a standard fit...not too low, not to high.


2. the quality of the prongs may not be so great.


Granted i am not a jeweler but my advice to you would be to go somewhere you trust (don't go back to this place) and have them put a new prong. I think what happens is that they melt the prong off and set a new one. It shouldn't be ridiculously expensive. Also, have them make you a new prong set that is set a little closer to your band. This way it will be sturdy. And make sure to let them know that you've had problems in the past and that you want a nice strong prong.


I know it sucks to have to pay extra money for something that should have been done properly in the first place but I think it will be worth it in the end b/c after all this is your e-ring.


Good luck!



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My diamond is set really high in a four prong platnium setting also... but, I have had no problems with it what so ever. I bang it occasionally on the side of the desk sometimes because I'm still getting use to it.. but nothing really happens.


Platnium is suppose to be the most durable metals, so I don't know why you are having problems... but, it seems strange to me that your prongs will bend like that.


According to Blue Niles Education on Platinum:


The most appealing characteristic of platinum is its durability. Each time other metals are scratched or polished, a tiny bit of metal is lost. In fact eventually, prongs of white gold and yellow gold may wear down enough that you need to have them reinforced with more metal for safety.

When selecting a setting for a diamond, we recommend using a platinum head. Platinum's cool white sheen beautifully accentuates the sparkle and brilliance of a diamond, and its great strength holds the gem firmly.


But not with platinum. A scratch in platinum may leave a mark on the metal, but this metal is so strong that it will not readily chip or splinter. For that reason, we set all loose diamonds in safe, secure, platinum prongs.

While it is the strongest of jewelry metals, it can scratch and develop a patina of wear. Many people prefer this look, unique to platinum. But if you like the shine, a jeweler can polish your jewelry to bring back the original reflective finish. In the mean time, buffing with a soft cloth can give your jewelry renewed luster.


The majority of our platinum jewelry is 95 percent pure platinum combined with 5 percent iridium, palladium, ruthenium or other alloys. For guaranteed quality in platinum, look for the marks 950 Plat or Plat.



I would go back to your jewelers and check the % of platinum in your setting... maybe its not made up of pure platinum, or a very low % of it.


Good Luck!

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WOW,, I would be super pissed.. IMO I wouldn't want to deal with this store again. Do what Glenda suggested, I know that when you have a higher set diamond you do run the risk of causing damage to the setting or cracking the stone.


So sorry this is happening to you...

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That sounds pretty rediculous! Prongs should not bend that easily. And your jeweler should be bending over backwards to make this ring fit your lifestyle so you don't have to worry about losing the stone. It is also concerning that they keep sending it out for repair - you need to find a good jeweler that does his own work in house. That way you won't have such a wait time & REAL jewelers have a desire to do quality work & foster life long relationships w/their customers. I would never go back to that place again!


I might recommend having the stone set a bit lower too. Mine started up high & I just knew it would be a problem for me, so I had them lower it about 30%. My jeweler used shorter, sturdier prongs because I told him how active I am - and I still want to be able to wear my ring. I've had my ring for just under a year now & never had a problem w/my setting.

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I'm sorry to hear you are having so many problems with your ring. Especially since it's platinum. A friend of mine had her rind replace after a couple small diamonds on her ring fell and when they replaced them, the ring didn't look quite the same...I'm not sure how you would feel about replacing your ring but I think they should do anything in their power to keep you satisfied.

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Wow, I can't believe all the problems you're having with your ring, this does not sound normal at all!


I have a white gold band, with 6 prongs, I am pretty rough on my ring, without meaning to be and nothing like this has ever happened.


And you shouldn't have to pay for these repairs, you bought the ring from them, they should stand behind their product.


And I would most certainly never buy from them again!

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Fortunately, we purchased the lifetime repair plan, so everytime I want it sized or need repaired, I don't have to pay a cent for it. Which is why I've been taking it back to them.


They set the head lower in the setting this time and I know that will help, but it still pisses me off because I liked it higher. If I were having problems banging it against stuff, I wouldn't have a problem with it being set lower. But heck, I've been so gentle with this ring that it doesn't even have a single scratch mark anywhere on it yet, even after 6 months of wear. That's why my opinion has always been that it's a quality issue with the head of the ring---


I wasn't real happy with them thru this process either. It's like they've made changes to the ring without even telling me. When we picked it up for the first time, the stone was put in a temporary band until the permanent one was made, which they told me could take up to 6 months to make.


Well, the temp band (which is what I wanted at the time) was 4mm. When they got the permanent band in, they called the wrong phone number and when they didn't reach me, they sent the permanent band back. 3 months later, I just happen to call and check on whether they've gotten it in, and they tell me they sent it back because they couldn't reach me.


So they order the permanent band again and it arrives in 2 weeks. But when it shows up, it's 2mm and because it's been more than the 90 day return period, they tell me I can't return it. I just have to keep this one and if I want the other band (4mm), I have to purchase it too.


BTW--- retail sucks---- don't ever buy from Kay Jewelers. We spent 4K on this thing and for that amount of money, they should have their noses permanently embedded in my ass, as far as I'm concerned....

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I'm SO very sorry that you're having to deal with all this nonsense! This is really ridciulous! I have to say that I agree with the rest of the girls about possibly having the ring repaired somewhere else. Yeah, it would kind of suck to have to pay for it since you guys bought that service agreement, but if that means that it's acutally done right and you don't have to worry about it anymore...might be worth it. Then you should just get them to clean your ring all the freakin' time for free to make up for it!

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