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Has anyone used Ajua Weddings?

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They are based out of Playa del Carmen. They plan any kind of wedding -- civil, Mayan, Catholic, etc. You can visit their site at Playa del Carmen, Wedding Reception, Riviera Maya, Wedding Planner, Coordinator, Wedding Reception. I want a Catholic wedding in a Catholic church (not garden/beach) in Mexico and they're the only event coordinators I've found who are able to plan such a ceremony.


I've actually already hired Ajua Weddings. Their site looked great and they have had experience in Catholic weddings. The wedding coordinator assigned to me was also fantastic in answering all of my questions in a timely manner. I did a lot of research and their name came up in several sites so they look pretty legitimate. However, I am slowly getting annoyed since after I put down my initial deposit, my wedding coordinator is not as attentive as she once was. Now I have to wait over a week for a reply...and sometimes the response isn't even as informative as it should be. So I am slowly getting worried. I just want to talk to a couple who has used them and get a feedbacks on the coordinators. I guess I just want reassurance that it will all work out well in the end.


On a site note: Xcaret Ecological Park (a MUST if you go to Cancun/Riviera Maya) has a gorgeous Catholic chapel where you can have a Catholic ceremony (also recognized by the Catholic Church). This was actually my first choice but their event coordinators are not very good. I sent an inquiry almost two months ago and I have yet to get a response from them. However, for an additional amount, Ajua Weddings can plan your ceremony at the St. Francis of Assisi Chapel at Xcaret Ecological Park. You can visit Cancun Mexico - Xcaret Park Eco Archaeological Theme Park natural Cancun tour to learn more about the park, and Xcaret Weddings - Cancun Mexico wedding riviera maya spectacular eco park to learn more about their wedding services.

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Playabride --


Please do let us know how it goes. We're definalty going to use them for a Ceremony in November. What church are you going to be married in? I heard there are 2 priests in the RM area that speak English, did you get one of them??


Also, if you don't mind, what did they quote you for their services, church, decorations, preplanning fee etc?? It seems like they tailor make their excel spreedsheets to fit your budget, or at leasts that's what they said... I'd be curious to know if they quote the same prices for everythinghuh.gif

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