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Dreams questions

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hi sandy and lee,


hopefully this will help...i got married at dreams cabo and am helping 8-9 brides this year get married there.


ok, yes, it is a $22 per person set up fee per private event. you can usually negotiate that they combine like the cocktail and reception fee IF they are in the same area...like if you have the cocktail hour at oceana and the reception at cascade terrace, you may be out of luck. i've even heard of brides combining the reception and ceremony fee by having everything at the gazebo...bit i think that would only work with a small group.


some people opt to do the package but most brides on this forum choose to go ala carte because they want their own photographer, cake, flowers etc.


the best plan of action would be to.


1. pick/book your date and time. dreams books quickly so those good dates go fast. email/call marianna or yessica and book the date. tell them you are working with this TA and they will either do a room block or book individually...it may even be best to have your TA contact them to book the date for you.


2. then get a rough figure of how many rooms you will need. if it is 25 or over, i would do a room block...if 10-15 you may not need to block any rooms. if it is a big holiday weekend, i would block those rooms to be safe.


3. work on STD's and website with your pricing info/travel agent info.

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Thank you all for your help!! I emailed Yesica again, and she responded to my original e-mail within like 5 minutes of the 2nd e-mail. Go figure. Anyways, I'm 98% sure Dreams is THE place. My FI and I are going to try to make a site visit soon.

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