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Ok so my wedding is a destination but I figured ladies you can help me out I am looking for a passport template since I am planning on making that my seating cards .So Far I have planned I am having 18 tables. Two tables are going to be named after one of the countried my FI and I have gone. Having beer from all those countries, candy as well. I am just having trouble with center pieces. I was planning on making little passports for my escort cards when they open it up it will say the table number and where there destination is off too. Any suggestions I am so open to it all. I also need help with any ideas suggestions on centerpieces.

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If you search for passports you will see heaps of threads and there are quite a few people that have templates on this site.


Your ideas sound fun, you could always do flags or something that is unique to each country as a centrepiece, for instance if you have been to England, you could have a replica tower of London or something like that.. anyway just a thought.

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