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...help with hair style for mother of bride

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i am trying to find sharp hair styles for my mom for the big wedding day. for my sisters wed, she did her hair herself and it looked cute, however, she said she felt like it looked the same as every other day, which it kinda did. so i am going to show her a few pix and hopefully talk her into going for a trial. i am trying to find cute short hair styles, not anything to young or trendy but something sharp...and also it has to have some bags showing. here is her hair below (sorry but this isnt that good of a shot of her head, haha and dont mind my dads curly-q he has going on, haha he is so proud of his "natural waves" hahaha) my moms hair is lil longer, and her bangs are now swooshed to side alil. anyway, can you guys help find celeb photos, or anything at all would be appreciated!! who are some older celebs with cute hair??



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