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Good Mexican restaurant in PV

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Hey you all,


I am looking for a fun Mexican restaurant on the beach to have a welcome dinner for 30 guests. I can spend somewhere between $25 to 40 pp. Does anyone know of any fun laidback places with good tequila too.


I heard of this place called Agave Grill...it is owned by the same people who owned Barcelona Tapas...has anyone been therehuh.gif


I hope you can help me or tell me of any other places.




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Two good ones on the beach are La Palapa and El Dorado. We posted pictures of La Palapa. We talked to their functions person and they said about $40/45 pp. It's right on the beach and the food and service was incredible. They also do a nice Mexican Coffee show that we thought would be fun for our guests. (I'm sure they do this elsewhere, too, though.)


Our wedding coordinator, however, suggested El Dorado next door. It has a similar setup, also on the beach. Apparently it has better prices and the food is just as good, if not better (according to the WC).


You can't go wrong, though, most restaurants I've talked to or read about quote about $45 or less. I think the La Palapa site has sample menus.

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I had my rehearsal dinner at Daquiri Dick's located on the beach near La Palapa. It was the most romantic, beautiful dinner we had ever had. We had 40 people there, the food was amazing and the ambiance is second to none! I can't say enough good things about it! The owner put together a menu for us where our guests could choose from three entrees (lobster tacos- phenomenal, yellow prawn shrimp-the best we've ever had!, and a chicken pasta dish), with appetizers and dessert and it was $34 per person. We had national beer and house wine as drinks to keep the cost down (not included in the $34 per person).


Our tables were setup with candles and there was a guitarist there who serenaded our group. It was beautiful!


You should definitely check out this place! smile159.gif



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