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Lisa Puerto Rico Wedding Planner

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Hi Samantha, Congratulations! As for El Con, I stayed there recently (work related :) And we had a wonderful time. The grounds are really beautiful and the water taxi and private beach are a unique experience. It is one of the best hotels in my opinion on the island. My only gripe was the food expense... but there are lots of small out of the way restaurants right when you exit the hotel take a right and drive along that road... one in particular was La Estacion (The Station) GREAT GREAT FOOD! But if you dont venture out of the hotel you get stuff with stiff prices and OK food... so venture I say. As for the weather it should be perfect... not to hot and BREEZY!!! No lip gloss while exchanging your vows... matte lipstick :)


Again congratulations and may your impending matrimony be filled with years of health, joy and much happiness.



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Ok, I will disclose something about myself and my previous career that I have not mentioned... before becoming a wedding planner I was a NYC Professional Makeup Artist for over 25 years. I know, I know how lucky can a girl get, two fun and exciting careers in one lifetime, I must say it was... I traveled, met supermodels, celebrities (ok I'll name-drop just once Trudy Styler, Sting's wife I had the pleasure of going to their outrageous apartment and doing her makeup for the Grammys. Sting was not there but I swear I could smell him:) and I had the pleasure of attending numerous NYC Fashion shows. But after 25 years, marriage and a baby I was ready to slow down and start researching another career that had always attracted me, Wedding Planning.


As you can imagine, as a makeup artist I was also surrounded by brides for many of those years and I always found myself admiring the Wedding Planners. They were just so cool, calm and collected. They brought such peace over the brides and managed to make their day seem effortless. And in the end... they would have the brides in tears thanking them for all their hard work and dedication... no one ever thanked the make-up artist in their wedding toast, although they should :) But seriously, I did admire them and when I was ready to make the change I went full force and never looked back. I must say it's been a great ride and now I feel the same joy and excitement I felt when I started out (so young and bright eyed) as a pro-makeup artist. I must say I am a very lucky lady to have been able to fulfill two career dreams in one lifetime!


Now onto the real reason I disclosed my secret... take my advise brides I have seen the good the bad and the ugly when it comes to makeup and you sure don't want to be the latter of the three on one of the most important days of your life!


You will be photographed on your wedding day more than any other day of your life. Make sure you look picture perfect with the right eye makeup. Make numerous appointments with makeup artists. The companies I would recommend are M.A.C. (I was on their first team of makeup artist) I still LOVE, LOVE, LOVE THEM! My makeup case is still overpowered by M.A.C. Next, Bobbi Brown (love her natural palettes so easy to work with) and last but certainly not least Trish McEvoy (her brushes are the absolute best nothing like them. Spend the money on them I have had mine for over 13 years and they are like new). Also, don't feel pressured to buy everything, as a courtesy buy a lipgloss we can never have to many of those. And live with what they did for the day. If by the end of the day you still love it, it did not cake up and you feel like yourself only prettier, go back and pickup the essentials or ask that artist if they do free-lance work and would they be available for your wedding day.


To sum things up, research your wedding day makeup as much as you research everything else. It is a very important part of your day and read my eye makeup do's and don'ts list below to ensure that your bridal makeup will end up looking flawless.



Think seriously about hiring a makeup artist; everyday makeup is different from your wedding day needs.

Take time to try a few different makeup artists and choose one who understands your personal tastes.

Use eye drops if your eyes look red or tired on the day of (but stick with a brand you've used before to avoid unwelcome surprises).

Get as much sleep as possible the night before the big day.

Apply a light concealer to banish dark circles under your eyes.

Use matte eye shadows (they won't reflect light or look too shiny).

Use an off-white matte shadow along your brow bone if you have light skin, or peach if you have dark skin, to illuminate your eyes even more.

Blend well, especially at the corners of your eyes, since cameras pick up visible makeup lines.

Define your brows with a pencil or powder that matches your hair color.

Wear at least two layers of waterproof mascara.

Use an eyelash curler before and after applying your first coat of mascara.

Prevent makeup meltdowns by using a smudge-proof or waterproof mascara. (If you really don't like its look or feel, use one coat of regular mascara overlaid with a light coat of waterproof mascara.)

Buy a new mascara for your wedding day, but test it a few days before the wedding if it's a new brand.


Wear too much eye makeup: You'll look like a drag queen.

Change your eye color with colored lenses (unless you always wear them).

Try to be too trendy (that glitzy silver shadow may look silly ten years from now).

Use an under-eye concealer that's too light for your skin tone (you'll look like a raccoon).

Experiment with eye products you haven't tried before.

Wear dark shadows like charcoal or dark brown (you'll look like you've been punched).

Wear frosted, shiny, sparkly shadow (It creases easily and will reflect camera flashes).

Forget about your eyebrows.

Tweeze your brows at the last minute on your wedding morning.

Wear false eyelashes if they're not 100% comfortable and you're not 200% confident they won't fall off.

Two final tips: DO have a fabulous wedding. DON'T forget how gorgeous you are.

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new to the site and starting my research for a PR wedding! Been there twice and my fiance is puerto rican and has a few family members there. I wanted ideas and mainly price ranges for different options.

Beach wedding

small recepetion but dancing ofcourse






any other ideas


thank you


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