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Blended Family Marriage Ceromony Ideas

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So here is my current Dilema........

I am divorced and have a nine year old daughter from my first marriage.

My furture Hubby and I now have a two year old daughter.

I would really like to include them in the ceromony as our marriage is more then just about to two of us.

I will have my girls go down the isle and lay a petal blanket, then they will be coming back and walking down with me.

My nine year old will have the rings in some sort of sea shell I still have to find.

BUT I would like for my hubby to give my nine year old a ring maybe and say something like he is taking her too to love, honor and cherish, type of thing......

And then I thought we could both give the two year old maybe a matching ring to the nine year olds and say something about us being officially a bonded family now........

Does anyone have any suggestions on wording or how I can make the very special and meaningful to all of us without it being cheasy or taking away from my hubby and I??

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I think its a wonderful idea, it isn't taking anything off of you and your husband. I'm afraind I don't know of any wording but do think its a good idea.

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